EPL: Weekend Thoughts

XXX XXXSenior Writer IApril 1, 2008


Packed up for the year running out of players, Robertson and O'Neill talking in tunnel an hour before the game debating who would be the unlucky right back against Ronaldo. 


Comeback of the season you bet, Bolton bottle it oh boys what you do that for, Wenger's changes do the trick. First win in five resulting in mood factor bonus, all in time for Europe after being so characterless for many weeks


Very much in driving seat for fourth place, first half was good but for poor finishing, game then ended up in workman like performance. Ownership grumbles on, death threats and shambles all round on that front.


Thread bare nature of squad coming to fruition, Moyes wants more from board, this game highlighted why going above fifth will not happen but played with heart.


King Kevin, second win in a row. Three upfront, trusting his attacking instincts things are looking up.


Packed up for the season, cup win and now this, Ramos needs to kick them back into gear. All those poor season ticket holders and travelling fans who pay with their wages and are now having to come watch affluent players just treading water as they see out the rest of the season. Zakora can't play the enforcer role blame director of football not Jol, Ramos will need to buy half a team for next year.


Won last six games and have crucial goal difference of +16, should win league, but not done and dusted.

An important note, Tevez was a beast of commitment and hunger at weekend playing his heart out in the 4-3-3 formation that leaves him having to work alone, he could be crucial in Europe and for the run in.


Packed up for season, should be thankful for lazy and incompetent West Ham and Tottenham for the top 10 finish.


Congrats, moved out of trouble and look good to stay up.