Towson Players Black out School Name After Baseball and Soccer Programs Axed

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There will be no more baseball played at Towson after this season, so you won't see the name of the school adorn any of the players' jerseys. 

The video (h/t Big Lead) from WMAR, an ABC affiliate in Baltimore, reports on the show of solidarity taking place at the soon-to-be extinct Towson baseball program. 

As Yahoo! Sports reports, Towson University in Maryland decided it was to the benefit of the school's long-term financial health to cancel two of its sports programs: Baseball and soccer. 

Catcher Zach Fisher just about sums up the reason players are now wearing a patch of duct tape over the front of each jersey, "We don't support Towson, so we don't want to wear something that says 'Towson.'"

As the Baltimore Sun reports, a difficult decision was made even harder by the way the school went about announcing the cuts. 

Her speech to members of the teams — some could not make it because they’d been given less than an hour notice and were in class — lasted only a few minutes, players said. As they left, they noticed that the cars carrying Loeschke and other officials were surrounded by about 10 additional officers.

With little emotion and a modicum of fanfare, two important aspects of college life were lopped off without much of a say from the players. 

Put yourself in these young men's shoes, and you might find yourself struggling to find some motivation for the season that will most assuredly be the last at Towson

Instead of quitting, they followed the lead of their skipper Mike Gottlieb and decided to play on through the season. While the soccer team will get no such luxury—its fate was sealed immediately—the baseball players get to play out the program in style. 

My hope is that this is not the actual end of the programs. Some might remember that UC Berkeley's baseball team suffered the same fate, only to see the program resurrected with aid from donors

Perhaps an outcry from fans will lead to this decision being overturned. Then again, that may be just blind hope. 

The players may not have the backing of the university, but they certainly have the support of one another. And that shows across each and every uniform. 

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