The 20 Dumbest Things Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Have Said

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The 20 Dumbest Things Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Have Said
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Have you ever thought to yourself, I love the sound of feral cats fighting? Do you get bored when you have a conversation and the person you're talking to doesn't recount all the times you were wrong and they were right (without necessarily being factual)? 

If you answered, "Yes," to one or both of those questions then I have two fellas for you.

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are ESPN's contribution to the cesspool that is the cable news echo chamber and are terrible in their own right. Bayless and Smith are featured screamers on ESPN's First Take and if you tune in, it's ensured that no actual information whatsoever will be transferred to your noggin.

Bayless specializes in contrarian, narcissistic venom, while Smith maintains an intense, high-volume inflection that deflects any questions about the logic behind his arguments.

When these two get together on First Take, or spill their thoughts elsewhere, it's guaranteed that the audience will emerge dumber, and crows everywhere will be agitated and screeching.

What is amazing about their journalistic endeavors is that they lead to the worst kind of headlines—accusations of subtle racism, plain offensiveness or the uncouth—yet no actual news.

The caveat here is that Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith have produced a plethora of dumb and otherwise awful moments, but there are a few that effectively capture their crapulence.

These are the 20 dumbest things Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith have said.

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