CableVision: NFL Draft Coming in Fuzzy

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

Yesterday, Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable addressed the media at the team's training facility in Alameda, California, and spoke about the draft.

He left us with little information, but enough to make some speculations.

As a sports fan, you expect that lack of information because you know the Raiders don't want to tip their hand to any other teams who may be looking to draft the same players.

So what information did Tom Cable give?

When asked about the team's focus on the No. 7 pick, he replied, "Four spots. I’m not going to share them with you, either. But I know we need one of four guys."

Jerry McDonald, of, guessed the four men Cable was talking about were most likely wide receiver Michael Crabtree, left tackle Andre Smith, offensive tackle Michael Oher, and defensive tackle B.J. Raji.

David White, of guessed Cable might have been referring Crabtree, Smith, Raji, and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

The players Cable was actually referring to up for debate, but coming from two Raiders bloggers who really know their stuff, Crabtree, Smith, and Raji are likely to be in the mix.

Who can that fourth guy the Raiders are looking at be? I'd hope it isn't Oher, unless we we're trading back.

Smith may go as high as sixth to Cincinnati, but it is likely he'll be available by the time Oakland picks at No. 7.

Crabtree could go as high as fourth to Seattle (unlikely), fifth Cleveland, or even sixth to Cincinnati. It's unlikely he'll be there by the time the Raiders pick. He's too talented for teams to let him slide.

Raji could go fourth to Seattle or fifth to Cleveland. Cincinnati made attempts to get defensive lineman Sedrick Ellis last year, but this year they have many other holes to fill. Raji will likely still be around.

My guess on the fourth prospect would be Maclin. 

When Cable was asked about comparing Johnnie Lee Higgins to Maclin, he said, "I don’t know. I haven’t really looked at it that way. I haven’t compared them like that yet. Now, I’m going to do that next week, okay, as we get closer. But it’s not time to do that.

"It’s really time just to prioritize where they’re at by position, who you think the best player is down to whatever and then we’ll get down to what we need specifically next week and do the comparison."  

I guess this is me finding something to pick at, but I call b.s. on this one.

How do you not compare the two when Maclin had 2,626 total return yards (Kickoff/Punt) and five touchdowns in two years, along with the explosive yards-after-catch ability he showed?

I think they're leaning towards Maclin. What do you guys think?