Mike Francesa Trying and Failing to Report New Pope Will Brighten Your Day

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After watching the video of WFAN's Mike Francesa reporting on the new pope, you may want him to break all of your important international news. 

On Wednesday, the world found itself a new pope. It was a moment that mandated every last person, Catholic or otherwise, at least take a moment to feign a modicum of passing interest. 

Even the sports world came to a screeching halt to look over at Rome and declare, "hey, a new pope."

So it wasn't the least bit bizarre to see Mike Francesa stop his show for a moment to report on the announcement. 

As with anything Francesa does, his report is delivered with the clumsiness of grandpa trying to fire up that newfangled iPad he got for Christmas. 

Thanks to Jimmy Traina (h/t BroBible), we now have the only report we need on this historic moment for the papacy. 

The video starts, as most of these do, with stunned befuddlement. Francesa then sees the name that flashes across the TV monitor giving him something tangible to report.

It no doubt includes the name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio

It's at that moment that I like to think the ol' guy is panicking inside, knowing full well he worked himself into a corner and now has to report the full name. 

He gets through "Jorge Mario" with ease before crashing into the wall that is "Bergoglio." He then rides "Cardinal from Argentina" like Blake Griffin relies on dunks. 

This has been your papal update—brought to you by the best man to deliver such news. 

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