That Grant Hill to Christian Laettner Play Still Effective Buzzer-Beater Play

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 13, 2013

If you have mere seconds on the clock and need to get a shot off, you might consider running that famed Duke pass play. 

Big Lead reports on a buzzer beater that delivers an eerie deja vu feeling. Indeed, we feel like we have seen this play before. 

As for the one that just went down in prep sports history, it takes place during the final moments of regulation in a game between the Hudsonville Eagles (MI) and the Forest Hills Northern Huskies (MI). 

We echo what Big Lead warns in that you should ignore the score in the video. At the moment of this epic shot, Hudsonville is down two points with 1.5 seconds left on the clock. 

Fox 17 has more from head coach Eric Elliott. 

"At that point you’re thinking with one-and-a-half seconds it doesn’t sound like a lot of time,” said Elliott. “In basketball-talk, you catch and you got one dribble. So it was just how do we get it into our guy’s hands within the three-point line so we can get a clean shot up.”

Apparently, you dig deep through all of the best buzzer beaters in March Madness history and come up with the one that might do the trick.  

Brent Hibbitts tosses a perfect pass to his teammate waiting down at the other end of the court. Cody Stuive catches the pass and bobbles it. With no time to think, he spins and fires, and we now have all the evidence we need that classic plays can still be very effective. 

The play merely tied the game and sent it into overtime. 

Which is a good thing, because Hudsonville went on to win, 64-60. 

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