Let's Get Supplemental; Part Three of WWE's Supplemental Draft

Will HowardCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

Here is a recap of the 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft thus far:


Ken Kennedy from Smackdown

Primo Colon from Smackdown

Nikki Bella from Smackdown

"Lap-dog" aka Chavo Guerrero from Smackdown


Shad Gaspard from Raw

Alicia Fox from ECW

Mike Knox from Raw

Candice Michelle from Raw

Ricky Ortiz from ECW

Layla Milani from Raw


Ezekial Jackson from Smackdown

Zack Ryder from Smackdown

Let’s get to the final picks in this year’s draft.

Hornswoggle-ECW to RAW

The next BIG pick—wait, it's Hornswoggle—um the next little pick, Raw acquires Hornswoggle and his lucky charms.

Does this mean Finlay is one of the final five picks, or is it time Hornswoggle goes and gets a job? Punk kid, living under my roof, bedroom, foundation, and pretty much everything else in my house.

DH Smith-Smackdown to ECW

The next pick is going to bring back a team from the ‘80s for the 21st century. DH Smith heads to ECW to join Tyson Kidd. The Next Generation Hart Foundation has arrived!

Again, it's an I told you so moment, as I first reported that a source close to the situation informed me DH and Kidd were going to be teamed, and this pick only confirms it.

Along with Tyson's girlfriend and daughter of Jim Neidhart, you could be looking at the new unified tag champions within a matter of months. Great pick for ECW!

John Morrsion-ECW to Smackdown

The next pick, oh my god, barn-burner, slobber-knocker, and any other generic wrestling terminology you want to use. John Morrison to Smackdown.

Again, more of an I told you so, but common sense states Morrison vs. Edge vs. CM Punk is going to happen.

Will's Thoughts

Two amazing picks in a row, one for ECW, then one for Smackdow. The next pick for Raw has to be amazing…

Carlito-Smackdown to Raw

It is. It's Carlito! The brothers Colon are here on Monday nights.

Raw gets their favorite apple-chucking Puerto Rican, and Carlito gets his baby brother. Win-win situation here.

Natalya-RAW to ECW

DH Smith was selected too. Tyson Kidd is already there. Kidd just made a comment that, "It's time for the Next Generation." Hmm, Natalya's drafting only means one thing, wait, what is that one thing, oh yeah, the next generation Hart Foundation!

Woohoo. Kidd does look like a poor man's Hitman. I love the last four picks.

Festus-Smackdown to RAW

Last pick is Festus; Festus, everybody.