WWE WrestleMania 29: What a Cody Rhodes Face Turn Could Mean to the WWE

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 13, 2013


We can see the battle on the horizon. Two tag team partners who don't necessarily see eye to eye over a woman that causes a rift in their relationship and ultimately leads to divorce. 

The WWE may be shifting gears a bit in their plans for tag team destruction by pitting Cody Rhodes and his "best friend" Damien Sandow against each other. By doing this the company is eliminating the chance for Daniel Bryan and Kane to dissolve their "marriage" as Team Hell No. I like the idea and love the chance to finally see Cody Rhodes possibly take the next step toward being a WWE champion.

This isn't a surprise if you think about it. At this time last year, Rhodes was in a feud with The Big Show over the Intercontinental Title, which he lost at WrestleMania 28. Since then Rhodes has been involved in tag team wrestling, jobbing for John Cena and others and now is possibly involved in a WWE love story with Kaitlyn.

Seems like the son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes is starting to move up the food chain of the WWE again. While love stories are not my favorite, this one may be the key to Rhodes' success. Rhodes and his best friend, the furry mustache under his nose are gaining support from the WWE faithful, and while we thought maybe a Dolph Ziggler face turn was imminent, Rhodes looks to be the logical choice to make the jump.

Remember as well, Big Show is now apparently moving to the happy side and Randy Orton's change in demeanor is still in flux. Rhodes changing guard may open the door for more feuds, etc. I know, it is something I have preached before. 

Let's just hope the creative team doesn't allow Rhodes to toil, should this happen. And let's hope Sandow and Rhodes can give fans a great match should they stand at opposite sides of the ring. Both are tremendous performers and the future of the WWE.  Having them at odds makes them that much more valuable.

A gives the fans a potentially great match at wrestling's biggest event.