Scotland: George Burley's Strongest XI

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     Hutton     Weir    McManus   Naysmith 

         Brown     Ferguson   Fletcher 

          Maloney     Miller    McFadden 


Gordon (Sunderland)

The difference at times between a draw and a loss he has that in his game a great shot stopper. Although, he should get his own style fashion wise, the Buffon trademark of cut sleeves is homage to a great, but time to make his own way now. Will feel the heat of McGregor pushing for his place, but Gordon is very much in his own league, could be with time a great.

Hutton (Tottenham Hotspur)

The move will be the making of him by getting away from Glasgow, no more "do you not know who I am you son of a..." lines to unimpressed Scottish bouncers. Hutton has improved already, a very good player who has a real shot at becoming a great player.

Weir (Rangers)

Peter Pan in real time and quite right to...

McManus (Celtic)

Can only get better, his European nights with Celtic have helped him when facing the best international players.

Naysmith (Sheffield United)

Against Italy he was solid but no more, Hutton's play makes him look like a journeyman, he is solid and can do the job.

Brown (Celtic)

"Canny score for toffee" I hear you sing, he will try all day and night for you terrific hunger and has a heat to his play, intensity and anger. Needs to settle into his game more, find his own style he is to anxious to impress "just to be the man who walked a thousand miles, to fall down at your door"... Will be a cornerstone of the Scottish 11 for many years...

Ferguson (Rangers)

The Captain of the ship, his delivery of the final ball has gotten even better this season. Must drive the midfield and take command more often, he has the goods to do so. 

Fletcher (Manchester United)

The real deal and all heart, he has no fear and has that little something extra to unlock denfences, shame about the injury, Man Utd were begining to find out just what he can do.

Maloney (Aston Villa)

Played on the wing against Croatia, gave Luka "whom everybody wants to buy" Modric a run for his money, great to see him playing gives us pace and hunger.

Miller (Derby County)

The white Drogba the white Eto'o, nah he is Kenny "gimme the ball and I'll hit it" Miller. Roma have had a look at him and it will be interesting what kind of summer he has.

McFadden (Birmingham City)

The Prince of Hampden and conqueror of the French on French soil, majestic, daring and modest to boot, unlike this description but it is earnt, he is the wild card and Scotland have not had such a thing for a long long time.


It is a young team, and one of characters the nucleus of which, will be together for some time, at last we have something to call our own. 


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