Who Will Turn on RAW?

Robin RichardsContributor IApril 15, 2009

I feel that a major turn is due and I see it evolving during the current feud on RAW. We are well overdue for a big impact—a face-to-heel turn would do nicely.

The Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy turn has not worked as well as was expected. The alternatives are:

•Vince to join Legacy

•Triple H to join Legacy

•Shane to join Legacy

My reasoning behind these are that, firstly, Vince has the ability to play the devil. We have seen him do it many times. He raises himself to become the hero and leader and, without warning—bang!—back to being the devil.

This turn would work the best. How many times have we seen him bring his family feuds into the wrestling world to help promote and entertain his business? More than I can count.

Vince portrays all of his evolving characters well and I feel that he has played the hero for too long now. It is only a matter of time before a turn. Will this be it?

Then we have Triple H. Triple H is by far the greatest heel character. Who in wrestling has been more conniving and wholeheartedly evil?

Much like Vince, Triple H has been a good guy for a while. From day one, Triple H said he will do whatever it takes to be champion. Could he reunite with Randy Orton and take over Legacy?

And then we have Shane, the son of the devil. Shane has turned on his dad many times before. I think that this betrayal is the least likely, but there is still a chance.

Shane will want to relive his days of owning WCW and become a major power, much like his dad is now. Don't forget the recent power struggle with Stephanie, who took control of RAW for a brief period.

And, most likely, Shane and Stephanie will at some point take over the throne. Could this be a chance for Shane to step up?