Kharma Comments on Potential WWE Return

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 12, 2013

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These are hectic times for the Divas Division.

Following the surprising return of the Bella Twins on Monday night's Raw, could we see more ex-Divas returning to TV?

Interestingly, over at her official Twitter account, former WWE star Kia "Kharma" Stevens hinted that it was a distinct possibility.

When asked by a follower if it was possible that we would see her in WWE in again, Stevens, who parted ways with the company in July of last year, cryptically responded:

Notably, Stevens revealed two days ago that she had turned down an invitation from TNA to appear on its upcoming all-women's pay-per-view "Knockouts Knockdown" on March 17, which could pave the way for a WWE return. Of course, it's worth noting that a whole bunch of other ex-Knockouts have turned down offers to appear, so Stevens' refusal to attend may not mean anything significant.

Per a recent report from WrestlingInc (via F4Wonline), WWE has been reaching out to former Divas to return, in an attempt to replenish its depleted women's roster. It was apparently this that led to the Bella Twins coming back, although the jury appears to be out on the other girls.

So what can we make of all this?

Well, if WWE is eager to make its Divas Division worth watching again, it will certainly need Stevens.

She's a truly gifted women's wrestler with a remarkable physical presence and a fearsome charisma. There is surely no other woman in the industry who can play the role of the monster heel better.

Even the ultra-talented Beth Phoenix seems to pale in comparison.

WWE has tried to make second-generation Tamina Snuka the dominant, scary Diva in the division in recent times, but that hasn't worked out, either. The brief Kaitlyn/Tamina feud had "bathroom break" written all over it.     

Due to various circumstances, we never got to see what Stevens was truly capable of during her first WWE stint. Ideally, were she to return, she would receive a major push and be given a lengthy run with the Divas Title.

Hey, it's worth a shot.