Bella Twins: Return on WWE Raw Comes at Perfect Time for Thin Divas Division

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2013

While nobody will ever confuse the Bella Twins with Lita or Molly Holly in terms of in-ring work, there is no question that they play their characters to perfection. Because of that, their return on Monday Night Raw is something worth celebrating as the floundering Divas division figures to receive a boost.

The past year or so has been a rough one for the WWE's Diva scene as many talented performers have left. Among them are Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Eve. All three women were top contenders for the Divas Championship and among the most popular female wrestlers on the roster, so the WWE has really struggled to keep the Divas division afloat.

Nikki and Brie were last seen on WWE programming the night after Extreme Rules 2012 as Nikki had lost the Divas Championship to Layla at the pay-per-view. Nikki and Brie proceeded to lose to Layla in a triple-threat match, which resulted in Eve "firing" the twins. In actuality, their contracts expired and they decided not to renew them in favor of exploring outside ventures.

While the Bella Twins haven't exactly been in the headlines much over the past year, they have done plenty of modeling and gotten involved in some outside ventures. Perhaps they came to the realization that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, though. Many were shocked to see them return on Raw as Damien Sandow introduced them to Cody Rhodes as their dates for the evening.

Current Divas Champion Kaitlyn was in the room at the time as Rhodes was flirting with her, and the Bellas weren't shy about sharing their feelings about the Divas division. The best promos in wrestling are often rooted deeply in truth, so hearing the Bella Twins say that Divas wrestling is essentially in shambles right now resonated with me, and I'm sure it resonated with most other fans as well.

I'm not saying that the Bellas are going to come in and save the division because they obviously won't. They simply don't have the technical acumen necessary to bring women's wrestling back to prominence. With that said, they are capable of being either faces or heels and have more personality than any current Diva. That alone at least makes the Divas division more interesting as there are some familiar faces back in the fold.

Since Brie continues to date Daniel Bryan and Nikki is dating John Cena at last check, returning to the WWE likely has a lot to do with the Bellas wanting to spend more time with their boyfriends. As long as they are committed to the company and interested in helping the Divas division escape from the black hole that it is currently in, then their motivations shouldn't really matter.

The real challenge at this point is finding a way to incorporate the Bellas into the product regularly. I can't remember the last time a Divas match has been contested on Raw as they have really taken a backseat during the road to WrestleMania. Kaitlyn defended her title against Tamina at Elimination Chamber, but their feud was never built and the match was announced on

It seems like the WWE has tried to develop something between Kaitlyn and Layla to some degree as Layla has been seen lusting over Kaitlyn's belt, but nothing has really come of it and WrestleMania is now less than a month away. Since there is very little time left to build toward a 'Mania match, my guess is that we'll see a one-minute-long, 10-Diva tag match to get everyone on the card.

That means that the Bellas may not pay immediate dividends for the Divas division, but things settle down considerably after WrestleMania, so the WWE will be able to place more focus on development in that area. If nothing else, the Bellas provide the WWE with more options as things were certainly getting dire for a while.

I wouldn't call myself a fan of Divas wrestling, but I don't dismiss it like many others do either. The WWE is always at its best when all aspects of the product are entertaining, and that includes the Divas. I often found myself pretty entertained by the Bellas as they are strong on the mic compared to their counterparts, so you can't fault the WWE for bringing them back aboard.

Since Nikki's "twins" are now noticeably more robust than Brie's there is some concern about whether or not "Twin Magic" is still feasible for the Bellas. Even though the Bellas aren't perfectly identical anymore, they have always been better as a pair, so hopefully the WWE keeps them together moving forward as they bring something different to the table.

The Bellas are going to need reinforcements in order to save the Divas division moving forward, but there is no doubt that they represent a good start and a step in the right direction.


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