WWE Divas Division Needs Depth; Bella Twins Are Not the Answer

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 13, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE did the right thing in adding two Divas to a depleted division, but it chose the wrong women in Nikki and Brie Bella.

One can only hope WWE has some brilliant plan to utilize the twins outside of the ring, but more likely we're just in for the Bellas taking up space that more talented women should be getting.

The Divas division needs more women to challenge for Kaitlyn's championship. The female portion of the roster needed variety and depth, not more eye candy.

The twins showed up on Monday's Raw in a segment with Team Rhodes Scholars.

It's no secret that WWE sees the Divas division as a means to attract lusty boys and men. Otherwise, Kelly Kelly would have never have had a job in the company.

There was plenty of sex appeal in the division before the Bellas came back. AJ Lee, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn and Layla promise plenty of sexiness.

Bringing in additional attractive women makes sense. It's disappointing, though, that the addition is a pair of women with such limited ring skills. The Bellas are quick and agile but essentially one-dimension performers. They don't have the stage presence, power or technical skill as the best female wrestlers out there.

When Nikki and Brie Bella were released last year, it felt like a sign that WWE was going in the right direction, finding the perfect blend of sports and entertainment. Sure, fans enjoy hot ladies, but they don't want to see clunky, awkward matches in the process.

When there are women in NXT who are both beautiful and good at wrestling, why the move to add the inelegant Bellas again?

Paige, Sasha Banks or Summer Rae would have done more for the division than the Bellas are capable of.

Re-signing the Bellas is a backwards move. To hear them talk of saving the Divas division on their Raw segment is chuckle-worthy, as best said by this fan on Twitter.

For fans of women's wrestling, WWE has been a source of constant frustration. Extremely skilled women are often underused and misused. Beth Phoenx never got enough airtime. Natalya was asked to play a farter.

In a year that WWE is honoring one of its most successful female stars in Trish Stratus in the Hall of Fame, it's disheartening to see the company mishandle the Divas. Nikki and Brie are about as far from Trish as one can get.

Meanwhile, this generation's next Trish Stratus could be in NXT or sitting on WWE's bench.

Watch Brie Bella in this 2012 match against Tamina Snuka.

Brie shows off some athleticism, but in the end she is outclassed by Tamina. Tamina is a much more well-rounded performer, the kind of woman WWE should be signing.

WWE seems to make mind-boggling decisions at the same rate as it taps into exactly what its audience wants.

As a miscalculation of the audience’s wants, bringing back the Bellas ranks right up there with only giving Daniel Bryan and Sheamus 18 seconds to work with at WrestleMania 28.