WWE News: Drew McIntyre Possibly Injured on Monday Night Raw

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2013

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Drew McIntyre may have suffered legitimate injuries following his in-ring encounter with both Mark Henry and Ryback on Monday Night Raw.

On the show, Ryback was scheduled to face McIntyre's 3MB partner Health Slater in a one-on-one match. While Henry watched from the ramp, Ryback scored the win after he hit the Shell Shocked.

After the win, McIntyre ran into the ring to defend his partner. Ryback nailed him with the Shell Shocked. Henry came down to the ring and hit McIntyre with the World's Strongest Slam. Ryback then hit the Shell Shocked on McIntyre again and Henry landed his move once more as well.

According to WrestlingInc.com:  

Drew McIntyre looked like he got injured after the spot with Ryback and Mark Henry. Several officials came out and assisted him to the back during the commercial break.

Lordsofpain.net elaborated on the same story, saying fans in attendance alerted them to McIntyre looking like he was truly hurt. 

Professional wrestling, while staged and choreographed, is still, at times, a violent sport. McIntyre is outweighed by both men—by 158 pounds to Henry alone. Despite the best efforts of even the most trained performer, such weight differences sometimes come into play.

Both Ryback and Henry have high-impact finishing moves. Having McIntyre take those finishers four times was overkill. The WWE is clearly trying to push a WrestleMania bout between Henry and Ryback, and the segment intended to showcase how strong they both are.

And that's the point. Both men are exceptionally strong. Another staredown between the two would have worked. Or, since they were both in the ring, they could have engaged in a shoving match.

Better yet, Henry could have been the only one to hit his finisher on McIntyre. Ryback had just flattened Slater with his own move. Henry could have stepped in while McIntyre attacked Ryback, finished the Scotsman and walked to the back.

This would have spoken volumes more. 

While McIntyre is not one of the top stars of the WWE, it is never a good idea to put any wrestler in harm’s way. Hopefully if he is hurt, his injuries aren't too severe.