A Start to MLB 2008: Take Me out to the Ball Game!

Samuel SicaAnalyst IApril 1, 2008

Opening day has finally arrived, and what a day it turned out to be.

Three games could not be decided in nine innings and had to go into extras.

Two games were not played because of weather, so the Yankees, Blue Jays, Rockies, and Cardinals will have to wait for their season to begin on Tuesday.

Most of the games were very tight, but a few were not.

The Padres ended up beating the Astros 4-0 with Peavy getting the win on opening day.  Peavy pitched seven innings, allowing only three hits.  He also helped his team with the bat going one-for-one with two RBIs and a walk.  Tejada, in his debut with the Astros, went two-for-four.

The Dodgers also shutout the Giants 5-0 in their opener.  Penny got the win and also contributed by getting an RBI at the plate.  Kent went two-for-three, hitting a home run and knocking in two runs. 

The Mets beat the Marlins 7-2 as Santana got his first win as a Met.  He went seven innings with eight Ks and allowed just three hits.  For the Marlins, Willingham took advantage of one mistake by Santana to hit a home run.

The Nationals beat the Phillies 11-6.  For the Nationals, Milledge went two-for-four with two RBIs and three runs scored.  Rollins and Utley, for the Phillies, each hit a home run and two RBIs. 

The Pirates beat the Braves in 12 innings with a score of 12-11.  For the Pirates, Nady hit two home runs and went four-for-seven with four RBIs.  McCann and Francoeur, for the Braves, each had a home run.

The Brewers beat the Cubs in 10 innings 4-3.  Fukudome, for the Cubs, hit a three-run home run off Gagne in the bottom of the ninth to send the game to extra innings, but it still was not enough.

The Royals beat the Tigers in 11 innings 5-4 off Pena's RBI single.  Grudzielanek, for the Royals, went three-for-four with an RBI and a run scored.  For Detroit, Guillen and Cabrera each had a home run. 

The Diamondbacks beat the Reds 4-3 off three solo home runs by Young, Byrnes, and Salazar.

The Rays beat the Orioles 6-2.  Hinske's debut with the Rays was a good one as he hit a home run in his first game.  Navarro also helped out the cause, going three-for-four with an RBI and a run scored.

The Mariners beat the Rangers 5-2, as Young went three-for-five with an RBI. 

The Indians beat the White Sox 10-8 despite Thome hitting two home runs with four RBIs.  Sizemore had a home run for the Indians and Gutierrez went three-for-three with three RBIs and two runs scored.

And lastly, the Twins beat the Angels 3-2.  Hernandez got the win with Nathan securing the save.

Opening day was a great one in 2008.  Hopefully it's the start of another fantastic season in baseball!