Detroit Tigers: Opening Day Tidbits

BigRegAnalyst IApril 1, 2008

Here are a couple of quick thoughts about Opening day.

Fans are crazy on Opening Day!

I saw a Jack Nickolson look a-like dressed in full Justin Verlander get-up.  IE  Jersey, baseball pants, stir-ups, socks, and cleats. (Might have had a cup on but I didn't look that close)  Also, I also saw a couple in caveman outfits?  (Not sure of the link between Fred Flintstone and the Tigers, but ok).

Men must be the only ones able to sneak out of work for it!

The line for the mens room was almost around the stadium whereas the womans room had no line?  (My buddy had to go so bad that he snuck into the womans restroom to piss)

Jets flying overhead are not very cool on cloudy days!

45K people looking up dumbly as the noise passes by but no jets. 

People get really, really drunk on opening day!

I am not above this but come on people there is a baseball game to watch.  Yes I am talking to you couple that passed out in the 2nd inning 3 rows in front of me.  I am also talking to you, lady dumbly looking off into space while standing up RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME but too drunk to hear me say sit down or to notice peanuts being thrown at you!

Maggio Ordonez does not want to marry any of the fans!

Ladies, and a few men, Maggio is married!  Please stop standing in front of me to profess your love to him.  And when he throws a ball to the little child sitting next to you DON'T knock him over and steal it!  (Yes, I did see that)

Homeruns going over you head are the best things in sports!

Thank you Carlos Guillen (and Alex Gordon, you jerk) for showing me this!  Sit close to the field sometime and hope you get to look up at a ball going over your head.  IT IS AMAZING!!