Don't Be Jealous: Miz and Morrison Will Both Benefit from the Split

AkDSenior Writer IApril 15, 2009

While I watched RAW this week, I was pleased with most of the show. Shelton and Christian had a good match and so did Cena and Swagger, but those are different topics for another time. The one moment that shocked me if any was the Miz's turn on his tag partner John Morrison.

These guys were two time slammy winners, they had the best web show, and they were both the WWE tag team champions and the World Tag Team champions at one point.

Way to go WWE, you finally through a curve ball that was's about time. I've taken a seat and watched as well as heard the responses of WWE fans including the ones here on B/R. I've recently read an article by Kumar:

This Ain't No Make Believe: Morrison Needs a Push in WWE

As the title implies, Morrison needs a push in the WWE. I've heard outlooks from others. They've expressed their utter disdain for the break up of Miz and Morrison.


Some believe that Miz has gotten the push when he was drafted to RAW while Morrison was left on the back burner in ECW.

I haven't been high on WWE's latest curve balls, but this one was pretty good. It was supposed to be this way. What do I mean? Before Miz and Morrison joined forces where was Morrison?

He was an Intercontinental champion that feuded with Jeff Hardy. John Morrison was once the face of ECW as he was the ECW champion at one point. Morrison is no doubt very talented, but where was Miz?

Please don't not confuse my words, Miz is a hard worker. Miz puts a lot of effort into his matches and character and it shows. It's obvious that Morrison is the superior out of the two, so why did Miz get the "push?" Miz needs it more.

It wouldn't take much work to take Morrison to the next level, he's there already. Why didn't this happen a long time ago? There are two reasons why the Miz and Morrison split took a while to happen.

1) The tag team division was weak

2) They were popular

2) They needed to hold out until after Mania and the Colons secured both tag titles

4) Miz and to be ready for singles competition

5) History repeats itself

6) Morrison had a job to do

I don't think I would have to go deep into the decaying tag team division. Cade and Murdoch were split up, then both released. The Hearthrobs didn't go anywhere. Deuce, Domino, and Cheery all get sent back to Happy Days.

The Highlanders went back to the mountains. Cryme Tyme barely gets air time. Jesse and Festus was a disaster waiting to happen and the Hawkins and Ryder were just riding in a story line.

With all of those teams persishing, Miz and Morrison had to stay together regardless if Miz was ready for singles competition months ago. Miz and Morrison were popular. Let's face it, the WWE universe had spoken.

MNM2 won Tag Team of the year and web show of the year at the 2008 Slammys. WWE needed to do something with the Tag Titles at Wrestlemania XXV. They were cognizant that the division was too weak to have two sets of Tag Titles, thus the inception of the unification of both tag titles.

Primo and Carlito were doing just fine as a team and Miz and Morrison were ripe for a split up, which leads me to point number four. We can debate about when Miz was ready for singles competition, but points one, two, and three most definitely delayed inevitable break up, so it was out of their hands.

The point is Miz is ready for singles competiton and I believe that timing is right for him. Personally I believe he had an acumen for the mic given his personality on his tenure on MTV's Real World. His wrestling abilities needed to develop and they did.

Miz put on a great match against Kofi Kingston on RAW, which just might have been the best match of the night depending on the outlook. He applied vrious submissions and his flying clothesline towards the turnbuckle is becoming a favorite move.

Then there's point five, history. Just about everything can be traced back in history. It's our best friend and it's available anytime. This reminded me of Edge and Christian, the elements are all there.

Miz and Morrison aren't a perfect reflection nor emulation, but the similarities are definitely there. Morrison is Edge and Miz is Christian. Christian like Miz are both great competitors in the ring and on the mic, but were always considered second fiddle to Edge and Morrison.

We knew who were the superior out of the least we had our opinions. Edge and Christian would ultimately split and feud just like what happened to Miz and Morrison on RAW. This transitions to the last point, Morrison's job.

Morrison was already established. Edge was established, Christian wasn't. Skills or skills not, Christian just didn't have the star power that Edge had and it showed when Edge took off in singles competition and Christian really didn't.

Nevertheless, Edge did his job the best he could and Christian is just has popular and or hyped today though Christian's steam really got going in TNA, where he transformed into a main event star. Back to Miz, we are fully aware of his talents, but not so much for Miz. Though Miz was talented, Morrison needed to help him progress until they were ready to split.

Morrison just had that star power and popularity that Miz didn't have and MNM2 tenure resulted in Miz getting that progress and star power that he needed. Morrison's job is completed and Miz is ready for singles competition. Some say he'll go after the newest RAW superstar U.S. champion MVP...we'll see.

The question is..what happens to Morrison? He can either stay on ECW and main event there for the ECW title, or he could go to Smackdown and get a fresh start there. Morrison as a singles competitor is anything but bad.

John Morrison will now "reboot" sort of speak and a push will come in due time.