AJ Lee and 5 WWE Divas Who Need to Be Showcased in the Ring More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 12, 2013

AJ Lee and 5 WWE Divas Who Need to Be Showcased in the Ring More

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    WWE has more talent in its Divas division than it uses, leading to women like AJ Lee not being put in the ring nearly often enough.

    AJ has gone from the lovesick member of the storyline involving Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk to the Raw general manager to now being Dolph Ziggler's girlfriend and arm candy. She is much too skilled in the ring to just be a valet and love interest, though.

    This is not an issue confined to her.

    Really, all of WWE's women could be showcased more. Divas matches are too often forgettable two-minute, five-move clashes. Divas champ Kaitlyn hasn't been challenged for her title enough, a byproduct of the female portion of the roster being underused.

    From a Funkadactyl to a second-generation star, here are five Divas whose talents should garner them more wrestling time.

AJ Lee

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    More than just a psychotic cutie, AJ Lee is a talented wrestler.

    She's quick, athletic and moves impressively in the ring. She is powerful for her size, her brawn belying her tiny frame.

    While not as technically savvy as Natalya, AJ is capable of putting together entertaining matches. Her wrestling ability is best shown off by her version of the octopus hold.  

    Beyond that, her bouncy, bubbly personality infuses energy into her ring work. Given a chance to wrestle more, fans can see her loose-cannon character in action as she impresses with her other skills.

Natalya Neidhart

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    The fact that Natalya Neidhart is so severely underused in the ring is hard to fathom.

    Making her Great Khali's girlfriend instead of having her wrestle is like asking Tom Brady to sell hot dogs.

    Whether she is punishing her foes with her array of submission holds or showing off her smooth chain-wrestling skills, Natalya can entertain like no other female on the roster. Her technical skills are aided by her showmanship and energy.

    Her usage makes one wonder what she did to anger WWE's decision-makers.

    It's a shame that WWE has wasted such a talented wrestler for so long.


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    The fastest, most athletic Diva on the roster is often too busy shimmying for Brodus Clay to get in the ring.

    At TLC 2012, WWE fans caught a glimpse of Naomi's stunning, original moves when she took on Eve Torres. Naomi is extremely athletic, though a touch out of control sometimes.

    In order for her to streamline her ring work, she simply needs to wrestle more. While she's learning, fans can watch her deliver jaw-dropping versions of the leapfrog and dropkick as well as a springboard sunset flip.

Layla El

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    With the losses of Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres, former Divas champ Layla El suddenly rises up the ranks as one of the better in-ring performers in the division.

    She is a solid chain wrestler who is fluid when going from move to move.

    She has several impressive moves in her repertoire, including a springboard crossbody and a diving somersault inverted facelock jawbreaker.

    Layla also infuses fun into her ring work, dancing and smiling in her matches, something we've rarely seen, even when she was Divas champ.

Tamina Snuka

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    At 5'9'' and 140 lbs, Tamina Snuka is physically intimidating. She is in direct competition with Kaitlyn for the strongest woman on the WWE roster.

    She is far more than Jimmy Snuka's daughter; she is a versatile in-ring performer who has never been given a true shot to impress in the ring.

    Her matches are often too short for fans to her vicious series of knee drops or her neckbreaker. Her current feud with Kaitlyn has seen the two of them barely go at it. With the power and intensity between them, they could deliver some excellent matches if given a shot.