Ranking the Best WWE Wrestlers to Never Have a WrestleMania Match

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Featured Columnist IVMarch 11, 2013

Ranking the Best WWE Wrestlers to Never Have a WrestleMania Match

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    At WrestleMania 27, fans finally got to see Jerry "The King" Lawler do pretty much the only thing he hadn't done in wrestling: compete at WrestleMania.

    Yes, his opponent was Michael Cole, and he technically lost the match, but there are so many Superstars who never get the chance to perform at the biggest event in the industry.

    Here, we are going to look at those deserving stars who never got the opportunity.

    Though there were several great competitors in the pre-WrestleMania era, this article will focus only on those Superstars who competed after the inaugural event in 1985.

    Also, the article will be confined to Superstars who have competed in WWE only. So while Sting is a guy everyone would love to see have a WrestleMania match, you won't find him on this list.

    Who did make the list? Some of the names may surprise you, but all were deserving. Click forward to find out.

12. Hakushi

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    Hakushi, referred to in his time with WWE as the "White Angel," was one of the more unique competitors in WWE history.

    His WWE career, however, was short-lived.

    Hakushi was given a strong push upon his debut and he had some very good matches with the 1-2-3 Kid as well as a very good feud with Bret Hart, the top babyface in the company at the time.

    But Hakushi never sniffed a WrestleMania match and has probably been forgotten by many WWE fans.

11. Matt Morgan

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    Yes, Matt Morgan did compete for WWE and he could have been very good with them.

    Instead, WWE decided to give him a stuttering gimmick, one that seemed to limit an otherwise physically impressive competitor.

    Morgan was released from WWE and went on to become a formidable competitor in TNA wrestling.

    Just think of some of the big-man matchups WWE could have put together for him at WrestleMania.

    The Big Show, Mark Henry and Kane would have all made great opponents for Morgan. But what about having the man who later became known as the "Blueprint" challenge the undefeated streak of Undertaker?

10. Steve Williams

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    "Dr. Death" is about as underrated as any wrestler that has ever competed in WWE.

    Holding 22 championships across eight different promotions, Williams did next to nothing during his brief stint in WWE.

    Still, they likely wanted him to appear at WrestleMania through their Brawl for All tournament leading up to WrestleMania 15.

    This was a tournament that was not scripted; the fights were legitimate and the winner would go on to face Eric "Butterbean" Esch as a special attraction at WrestleMania.

    Williams was expected to win the tournament, but he was upset in the semifinal round by Bart Gunn. Of course, we all remember what happened to Gunn. It's hard to imagine Williams getting a different result.

9. Lanny Poffo

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    The much less famous brother of Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo was always very good at portraying the character he was given and did a great job at being both an underdog face and an annoying heel during his tenure with WWE.

    Perhaps best known for his role as The Genius, Poffo became more of a manager than a wrestler for Superstars such as Mr. Perfect and the Beverly Brothers.

    Still, in the early days of the WrestleMania event, it seemed almost every Superstar in the company got a match on the show, yet Poffo never did.

8. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

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    Paul London and Brian Kendrick were one of the most exciting tag teams of all time. They just competed in WWE at a time when tag team wrestling wasn't much of a focus.

    After becoming WWE Tag Team champions in May 2006, they held the titles for nearly a calendar year before losing them to Deuce N' Domino.

    But had London and Kendrick been around during the earlier days of the WrestleMania event, they would have been a shoo-in to get on the card. A match with The Rockers would have been as good as it gets.

7. Lance Storm

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    The in-ring ability of Lance Storm was never questioned. He was a fluid mat technician. His ability to get over with the fans was questioned, however.

    Storm was close to competing at WrestleMania, though we can't count Sunday Night Heat prior to WrestleMania 18 and 19.

    Storm won multiple titles in ECW and WCW before becoming a four-time tag team champion as well as Intercontinental champion in WWE. He definitely should have been given a shot at the big event.

6. Muhammad Hassan

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    Muhammad Hassan will go down as one of the more controversial characters in WWE history, and that is exactly why he was off television before he ever really got a chance to make an impression.

    Though Hassan did appear at WrestleMania 21 in a segment that ended up involving Hulk Hogan, he was a Superstar who could have had a huge WWE career.

    Instead, he is remembered for being a character WWE was almost forced to extinguish.

5. Sean O'Haire

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    With his athletic ability combined with a very edgy devil's advocate character that the WWE introduced in 2003, Sean O'Haire could have been huge.

    He was paired with wrestling legend Roddy Piper and success seemed assured until Piper was released in June of 2003. That left O'Haire floundering around the midcard and he never was given much of a push again.

4. Ken Patera

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    Ken Patera, who represented the United States in the 1972 Olympics in power lifting, was another Superstar who was seriously underrated over the course of his career.

    He faced some of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, including Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund, taking them both to the limit.

    Patera is also a former Intercontinental champion and was the second man to ever hold the title, defeating Pat Patterson for it and then holding it for nearly eight months.

    Despite his strength and athletic prowess, he never caught his big break in WWE.

3. Shane Douglas

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    Shane Douglas had two separate stints in WWE.

    The first time around, he was a glorified jobber, but it was clear that he had a lot of potential, as evidenced by his performance in the 1991 Royal Rumble.

    Douglas then went over to WCW for a couple years and then became one of the biggest names in ECW before returning to the organization.

    But this time, they bogged him down with a horrible gimmick where he was supposed to be a teacher known as Dean Douglas.

    Though Douglas would become Intercontinental champion after Shawn Michaels had to forfeit the belt, he held onto it for just 11 minutes before losing to Razor Ramon.

    Douglas never competed at WrestleMania and it is anyone's guess as to why. But the poor choice of gimmick on WWE's part certainly did him no favors.  

2. Brian Pillman

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    Brian Pillman was an incredibly talented performer, and it's a shame that more fans don't know how good he was.

    Pillman had already accomplished great feats inside the ring, winning three Tag Team Championships and two Light Heavyweight titles while competing in WCW before coming to the WWE.

    Pillman feuded with his friend and former tag team partner Steve Austin, which led to him becoming part of the Hart Family, a group consisting of himself, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith.

    Prior to his tragic death, Pillman feuded with Goldust in an angle that involved Goldust's manager and real-life wife at the time, Marlena (Terri Runnels).

    Pillman passed away in October 1997 at the age of 35.

1. Superstar Billy Graham

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    Billy Graham is easily one of the most recognizable names in WWE history, and it is very surprising that he never competed at WrestleMania.

    Sure, his career was definitely in its final stages when WrestleMania was introduced, but he was still an active competitor.

    Graham's final run with the company started in 1986, but by that time, years of competition had taken its toll on his body and he just couldn't handle it any longer.

    Graham finished up his wrestling career with a match against Butch Reed. He was attacked by One Man Gang following the match with a big splash on the concrete floor.

    Graham would go on to become a manager to Don Muraco as well as a color commentator before leaving WWE in 1988.

    Graham helped put the company on the map in the 1970s but never got his shot on the biggest stage in wrestling.