The 2009 Draft Winner Is.....

Mitch KilpatrickContributor IApril 14, 2009

Raw and by a long shot! Raw had six final draft picks excluding the Supplemental Draft on April 15 on Atlanta was jam packed and ready for action.

Raw came out quick receiving the first two draft picks none other than United States Champion MVP and The Big Show. Rey Mysterio defeated Evan Bourne for Smackdown's MVP. Kane defeated Brian Kendrick for Big Show.

Smackdown came out with the next draft pick. Smackdown team (Maryse, Michelle McCool, and Natalya) def. Raw team (Mickie James, Melina, and Kelly Kelly). Although Raw may have lost the famed Women's championship, they gained the Diva Championship later in the night.

The next pick was for the Raw brand. World Heavyweight champion John Cena defeated ECW champion Jack Swagger for two draft picks. The first draft pick was Matt Hardy, which mocked John Cena by doing "You Can't See Me." The next pick may have changed WWE Raw forever. It was by far the best draft pick of the night, WWE Champion Triple H!

Smackdown received the next pick. The Great Khali defeated Santino Marella within a matter of seconds. Before the match Beth Phoenix warned that if Santino lost the match that his "twin sister" Santina would have to appear on the Khali Kiss Cam.  Wrestlemania's Money in the Bank winner CM Punk was drafted to Smackdown.

Raw received the next pick. Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz (with John Morrison). Used to not working alone, John Morrison interfered with the match as the referee caught Morrison. The Miz was drafted to Raw then turned on Morrison leveling him out with a reality check.

Smackdown received the next pick. The Tri-Branded 15 man Battle Royal came down to a nail biter. The last three men were all from different brands and were none other than The Big Show, Mark Henry, and Edge. As Edge gained his stamina, he watched the biggest men in WWE battle in out. The Big Show eliminated Mark Henry, then went for Edge. As Big Show neared Edge, Edge pulled the top rope down and Big Show's feet hit the floor. Furious for losing, Big Show destroyed Smackdown's table. Edge's win landed Smackdown two draft picks—Kane and Chris Jericho.

ECW received the next pick. Christian defeated Shelton Benjamin to receive Smackdown's Vladimir Kozlov.

Raw received the next draft pick. The pick came after Matt Hardy's Side Effect. Jeff Hardy charged the ring, tackled Matt Hardy, and chased him out of the stage, all while devastated and confused CM Punk looked on. Raw received WWE Diva Champion Maryse.

Smackdown received the next pick. Chris Jericho defeated Tommy Dreamer to win Smackdown a draft pick. Smackdown received Raw's Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio.