Chris Benoit: Your Memory Will Never Die

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 11:  (FILE) Wrestler Chris Benoit attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood March 11, 2004 in New York City. Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel, 7-years-old, were found dead June 25, 2007 at their home in Georgia.  (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

"I don't know what happened to Chris Benoit," Vince McMahon said. "I have no idea what went on his brain at that time. And that is unquestionably the darkest day in the history of our business."

McMahon spoke those words during an interview on E:60 on ESPN about professional wrestling, which airs tonight.

June 25, 2007 was the darkest day in wrestling history. Benoit's rampage and eventual suicide is something that will never be forgotten, and is a tragedy that we as fans and people will never understand.

Benoit killed his son, his wife, and himself.

Benoit killed his family not because he hated them, but rather because drugs severely altered his state of mind. Benoit was, however, just one of the many people killed as a result of drug use.

You may say there is no excuse for him killing his family, and you're right.

That can never be forgotten, but you have to forgive in some way because no matter who you are, you know it wasn't really him. Drugs took down a man with a big heart and a lot of respect for what he did and the people loved.

Benoit showed, just like so many others, that drugs can be a person's downfall.

I don't see it as the darkest day in wrestling, but rather the saddest day in wrestling history, because it was a the saddest day in my life and many of yours. You know, deep in your heart, it hurt to see that, and it hurt me as bad as someone could be hurt.

I live for this business and I'm not a part of it, but I love it like I am. I feel like a kid watching it every week.

When I see things that make me sad, I when Flair retired because I saw my hero walk out gracefully, and I was so proud to call him my hero.

I love wrestling and I love the people that are a part of it. I have the deepest respect for every wrestler that goes out every night, and for those who risk there life on a nightly basis.

Wrestling will live in my blood until the day I die, even if I don't get into the business.

Chris Benoit, I will not forget what you did to your family, but I respect you and thank you for giving your body and putting it on the line every night for years.

For those that think he belongs into the Hall of Fame, he should, but that's how the business works and I understand why he won't get it in.

I get it, but every time I watch a video on Chris, I have tears run down my face and everything goes by so slow and it hurts so bad, but that's life.

I hope people five, 10, 20, or 50 years from now don't hold a grudge against Chris Benoit. I don't blame him, and instead I blame the drugs that were affecting his life.

Chris was a World Champion and a great one at that. He was a great wrestler, and one of the best in history.

I will miss you so much, Chris Benoit. Thank you for all the memories.