Pro-Wrestling: What I Prefer!

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IApril 14, 2009

It's not often that I sit watching a wrestling event, whether it be live or on DVD or even You-tube, that I watch with a smile on my face. Yes I enjoy what I'm watching, but as of late I have been more than bored of the wrestling products that are available.

I was watching Raw last night, and even though there were a few good matches on the card (the best being Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne) I was watching feeling somewhat burnt out. Yes, burnt out. Only recently have I been watching wrestling again religiously like what I did a few years ago and I'm bored of it to say the least.

This became apparent when I was watching Raw last night. As I sat there at 12 o'clock (which isn't bad) watching this "wrestling show" within 10 minutes of the broadcast there was a commercial break and in the first 10 minutes of the broadcast there was not one match.

The main problem with is; while I like the odd promo here and there, I do not like a third of a shows worth of promo's (in WWE's case).

But even when I try to look else where for a "wrestling" show and look at TNA: Total "Non-Stop" Action, it's even worse.

They may have all the talent in the (wrestling) world but all I see is about an hours worth of promos in a two hour wrestling show. Why? Why do wrestling company's persist on feeding us this soap opera watered down version of what used to be a fine sport.

Some people say: "The art of professional wrestling is no more" which is a sad statement to make. I refuse to believe this however, after watching countless hours of ROH and PWG DVD's over the weekend, I realised that a wrestling promotion can survive and appeal to a large audience.

This is highly evident in Mexico but why isn't it as big as WWE or TNA? This is because even though promotions in Mexico have all of the lucha libre talent in the business, it doesn't have the TV exposure.

But I promise that if a Mexican corporate conglomerate was to back a promotion like AAA then it could surpass the WWE.

Even though I digress slightly, what matters more than fan enjoyment in professional wrestling? No, not the money but the talent. When I watch WWE and TNA, all I see is the politicking that goes on backstage, I'm not naive and I know it happens most places.

But when you look at TNA in particular, you see guys like Styles and Daniels, you have to wonder why they aren't in the highest spot in that promotion. Why? Because of the politics more than likely that people like your: Angles, Layfields and Levesques will not put them over and allow them into a higher spot then themselves.

This is sure to annoy a lot of the lower positioned talent and thus affects their performances. However, the shining light of the weekend's wrestling binge came after watching yet another Shimmer DVD.

The first match on the card (usually designated for jobbers and lesser known wrestlers) was surprisingly Daffney against Rain. Even though they were in a low spot, the enjoyment the fans and the effort of the two women in the ring was outstanding, which really added to my own enjoyment.

So if anyone gets a chance to watch the opening matches specifically of a Shimmer/ROH DVD I suggest you take that chance. Why?

Because it shows that even though wrestlers are not in character completely (mainly Shimmer) they are putting on a good show and enjoying it themselves, which is what wrestling is to me.

- Steven D