Ranking the Best Candidates to Induct Mick Foley into the WWE Hall of Fame

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 11, 2013

Ranking the Best Candidates to Induct Mick Foley into the WWE Hall of Fame

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    On the night before WrestleMania 29, the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the most star-studded class ever.

    From his long-time enemies to former tag team partners, there are a number of superstars past and present who would make a fitting inductor.

    When Foley slips into a tux and joins Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Trish Stratus and Donald Trump in the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class, he'll need a big name to send him in.

    Personal history and star power help determine who is best suited for the job.

5. Jimmy Snuka

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    Selecting Jimmy Snuka to induct Mick Foley would have a poetic symmetry to it.

    It was Snuka that inspired Mick Foley to set off on the arduous journey to become a professional wrestler.

    On Oct. 17, 1983, Snuka dove off the top of a steel cage onto Don Muraco. As many fans know, Foley was in the Madison Square Garden crowd that night.

    Snuka said in an interview on Interactive Wrestling Radio (via F4WOnline.com) that he loves Mick Foley and puts him over as a great talent. So it seems he'd be willing to do it if WWE asked him to.

    One member of the Hall of Fame inducting another, a fan being inducted by one of his idols makes Snuka an intriguing choice.

    A potential snag is that Snuka is a huge star for certain generations, but WWE may want someone younger fans will be excited about.

4. Undertaker

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    It's hard to think of Mick Foley and not think of Undertaker tossing him off the Hell in a Cell in 1998.

    These two rivals gave fans several other compelling matches during the '90s as well. Those battles helped both men elevate their careers, to endear themselves to their fans through pain and violence.

    Undertaker will no doubt join Foley in the Hall of Fame at some point and perhaps he can return the favor of inducting him.

    What makes The Deadman less appealing as a candidate is that WWE doesn't like to have him break kayfabe.

    Unlike other superstars, fans rarely see Undertaker out of character so unless Mark Calaway inducts Foley in full costume, full character, we likely won't seem him do it at all.

3. Jim Ross

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    It was Jim Ross who helped embellish Mick Foley's Mankind character through his powerful interviews.

    Ross did well to tell the story of a young Foley's storyline of mental anguish. He became part of the narrative when Foley attacked him on an episode of Raw in 1997.

    Ross' commentary elevated many of Foley's matches and pumped his biggest moments full of drama.

    When Undertaker threw Foley off the Hell in a Cell structure, Ross cemented the classic status of that spot by famously saying, "Good God almighty, good God almighty, they've killed him."

    In addition to his connection and history with Foley, Ross is a great candidate because he would no doubt compose an eloquent and moving speech for the ceremony.

2. The Rock

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    Looking through Foley's history, at his foes and friends, no one is a bigger star or name than The Rock.

    His presence at the 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony would make it more special than it already is. There is one person more fitting than The Rock to induct Foley, but no one would bring more attention to the event than The Great One.

    As tag team partners, The Rock and Foley captured the WWE tag team titles three times.

    While enemies, they fought for the WWE title over and over again. Their wars found them battling in an Empty Arena match and in an unforgettably brutal "I Quit" match at Royal Rumble 1999.

    Foley and Rock also came together to produce the most-watched segment in Raw history, when Foley showered his partner with a "This is Your Life" presentation.

    The Rock 'n' Sock Connection could have one last reunion, donning tuxes at Madison Square Garden on WrestleMania Eve.

1. Terry Funk

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    Mick Foley's rival, tag team partner and friend, Terry Funk makes a ton of sense as a candidate to induct him.

    He's also Foley's number one choice.

    In a landslide, Terry Funk seems to be the #1 choice for my @wwe HOF induction. Other favorites wereUndertaker, TheRock, Edge & Al Snow.

    — Mick Foley (@realMickFoley) January 16, 2013

    The two battled in the infamous match where they fought in between barbed wire and explosives going off.

    They later fought alongside each other against the New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster match at WrestleMania XIV. They are both known as the Hardcore Legend and are two of the toughest guys in pro wrestling history.

    While not as big a star as The Rock, his personal history with Foley makes Funk one of the top candidates.

    The fact that he is number one on Foley's wish list boosts him even higher.

    Matt Aspin of WhatCulture.com reported that Pro Wrestling Syndicate "has announced that it has pulled wrestling legend Terry Funk for its April 4th and 5th shows in New Jersey."

    It at least appears that Foley is getting his wish.