If You Could, Would You?

T SmithContributor IApril 14, 2009

Don't you sometimes wish you could give an athlete (or coach) your two cents? It's probably in everyone's best interest that these guys are relatively guarded, but wouldn't it be fun to vent occasionally?

I know that doesn't make sense on many levels, but being fan often doesn't make sense (especially 35 year old men wearing jerseys with someone else's name - another topic for another day).

If I could get a few minutes with these guys, assuming I wouldn't cave under pressure like 99.9 percent of us, I'd really like to hammer home a thing or two. I'd like to have five minutes with these five (loosely speaking).

1) Coach K - Remember the double standard you use to reference when speaking of Coach Smith?  How's the tolerance for your F bombs on the sidelines treating you now?

2) Every athlete justifying criminal and/or non-civil behavior by "keeping it real."  -  Money affords people the chance to lead a better life and positively influence others.  What is so difficult about that?

3) Kyle Busch - Why do you talk? (I'll use my extra four mins, 58 secs on the next guy.)

4) A-Rod - Off the top of my head, I can almost name 28 million reasons why A Fraud isn't a stretch.  Married one day, Madonna the next.  Madonna one day, hookers the next. Two run HR in third inning, six-four-three double play in the eighth, 3-4 with three RBI in June, 0-4 with 1 HBP in October. Hard worker one day, needle user the next.  Lie to Katie on national TV one day, apology with a poor explanation the next.  Statistical great one day, shrink needing, teammate loathing the next.  Etc, etc, etc .....

5) Dick Vitale - I don't have a problem with a little energy and fun during the game (see Gus Johnson), but I could do without the overly biased, often inaccurate commentary.  Once the tournament starts (all CBS = no Vitale), I'm a happy camper. 

Who are your five?