5 Top WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches That Are Still Possible

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIMarch 11, 2013

5 Top WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches That Are Still Possible

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    A handful of the top WrestleMania 29 matches are either locked in or basically set, and depending upon who you ask, many of them would be considered dream matches.

    Even though we've seen many of these bouts before, The Rock vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk vs. Undertaker are highly anticipated matches that will make WrestleMania 29 one of the most successful ever.

    Although a big chunk of the pay-per-view card appears to be set, there are still plenty of matches that have yet to be determined.

    While most of the WWE's biggest stars are locked in for their bouts, there are still some big names who don't have a clear-cut match lined up, but could certainly add another dream match to an already loaded PPV card.

    Here are five WrestleMania 29 dream matches that could still happen.

5. Ryback vs. Mark Henry

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    Some fans might not consider Ryback vs. Mark Henry a dream match, but when you take a closer look at it, it just might qualify as one.

    On one side, you have Ryback, who is arguably the most impressive physical specimen in the WWE, and despite the bad booking, is easily one of its most popular babyfaces. On the other side, you have arguably the most intimidating and dominant superstar currently in the company.

    Both Ryback and Henry are behemoths in the truest sense of the word. A clash between the two would have a ton of appeal for wrestling fans who like "hoss fights" that aren't of the Great Khali or Vladimir Kozlov variety.

    While neither Henry nor Ryback is known for his great in-ring skills, a match between the two monsters would be a "throwback" to the old days when giants ruled the wrestling world.

    When you look at the way the WrestleMania card is taking shape, there really isn't much that screams "slugfest" more than this one, other than, perhaps, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.

    Regardless, Henry is now widely viewed as one of the WWE's most unstoppable heel monsters while Ryback, despite the losses, is as intimidating as it gets on the babyface side of the company.

    If there's a match on the WrestleMania 29 card that won't feature a bona fide legend, but people have still dreamed about seeing, Ryback vs. Henry is it.

4. Money in the Bank

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    As we draw closer to WrestleMania 29, one thing is becoming very apparent: A number of really talented superstars are going to get left off the show's main card.

    Judging simply by what feuds are taking shape right now, it looks like we could see a boatload of midcarders, such as Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro, struggling to get a spot on the PPV.

    In situations like this, the WWE will typically put on some type of big multi-man match that gets another six or more talents on the show. In 2011, it was The Corre vs. Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, Kane and The Big Show, and in 2012, it was Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy. 

    In 2013, it should be the returning Money in the Bank ladder match.

    Although the match already has a home on its own PPV, there's no real reason why the WWE can't do what it did in 2010 and have the match take place at both WrestleMania and on its self-titled PPV.

    After all, the Money in the Bank match was once one of WrestleMania's biggest attractions—a great way to highlight midcarders who otherwise wouldn't have a spot on the card and give the undercard a much-needed boost.

    A match like Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy ultimately didn't mean much last year. But a MITB match in 2013 would provide WrestleMania with another match with long-term implications on the WWE.

3. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    In what has to be seen as a surprising twist, both Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho are heading to WrestleMania 29 without much to do.

    Jericho has been away from TV to tour with his band Fozzy. Meanwhile, Ziggler has spent most of his recent TV time losing matches and failing to get any meaningful storylines or mic time.

    It's perplexing to see these two great talents do, well, next to nothing at the WWE's most critical time of the year. But perhaps, that's happening so that these two could reignite their feud when Jericho returns on Monday night's Raw.

    The Y2J-Ziggler rivalry picked back up when Jericho returned at the Royal Rumble, and it seemed like these two were headed for a clash at WrestleMania 29. That "feud" has hit a few bumps in the road, but no bumps so big that they can't be overcome.

    When Jericho comes back to TV tonight, all the WWE has to do is shoot a short segment to reignite this rivalry and set the wheels in motion for a WrestleMania feud between the two.

    After all, it'd be hard to complain about seeing the conclusion of a rivalry between two phenomenal in-ring performers who mirror each other in so many ways.

    A year ago, Jericho vs. Ziggler was widely considered to be a dream match. But just because it's already happened since then, that doesn't mean it no longer fits the bill as a dream match.

    Ziggler vs. Y2J on the grand stage of WrestleMania? That's a dream match if I've ever seen one.

2. WWE Tag Team Titles: Team Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars vs. New Age Outlaws

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    The New Age Outlaws returned for their first Raw match in 15 years last week, and on Monday night's show, they'll take on Team Rhodes Scholars.

    The timing of the return of "The Road Dogg" Jesse James and Billy Gunn really makes you wonder if there is more to come than just a short run on TV. With WrestleMania right around the corner, we have to think that there are bigger plans in store for the Outlaws.

    Because the Outlaws are facing one of the WWE's top tag teams in Team Rhodes Scholars (I guess they're a tag team again), it looks like they could be positioning themselves as a top contender for Team Hell No's WWE Tag Team Championship.

    It's widely expected that Kane and Daniel Bryan will drop the tag team titles soon, so the WWE could have a great storyline falling into its lap to make that happen: Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars vs. The New Age Outlaws for the titles at WrestleMania 29.

    The WWE could quite easily book a storyline that forces Team Hell No to defend their titles against not one but two tag teams at WrestleMania 29—not to mention that it will be against one of the most famous tag teams ever and one of the best from today's generation.

    Just imagine a match that features three of the Attitude Era's top talents working with three of today's top talents. Throw in a ladder or TLC stipulation and things only get better.

    The New Age Outlaws look primed for one final run on TV, and a double feud with Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars in the tag team title picture is a dream scenario that suddenly seems realistic.

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler doesn't have a WrestleMania rivalry lined up as of yet, and oddly enough, neither does WWE Tag Team champion Daniel Bryan.

    Odds are that Bryan, along with Kane, will either be defending the tag team titles or facing each other at the PPV. But something happened on last week's SmackDown that made me think that neither of those situations will play out.

    Maybe it means nothing or maybe it means something, but last week's SmackDown featured a very interesting backstage segment between Bryan and AJ Lee in which Bryan took a verbal jab at Ziggler.

    Could this be simply leading to an upcoming TV match between the two, or is there something more to it?

    Perhaps, I'm reading a little too much into this, but the optimistic side of me is hoping that this backstage exchange between Bryan and Lee was a subtle way to start the buildup for a dream feud between Bryan and Ziggler.

    These two had a fantastic match way back at Bragging Rights in 2010, long before they were the stars they are today, and since exploding into top-tier superstars, fans across the world have longed for an extended rivalry between the two at the top of the card.

    It may seem a little unlikely now, but if that backstage segment materializes into something, then we just might get a dream match between Bryan and Ziggler at WrestleMania 29.

    Anyone object to that? Didn't think so.

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