The Eye In The Sky Never Lies!

Jamel ChamberlainContributor IApril 14, 2009

13 Aug 1997:   A view of Touchdown Jesus at newly renovated Notre Dame Stadium during Media Day in South Bend, Indiana. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman  /Allsport

Everyone has their own opinion about why Notre Dame has not been the power that it once was.

Some point to academics. How the administration refuses to lower the admission standards so that ND can recruit from a wider recruiting base.

Some people point to poor decision making and even bad coaching hires.

There may be some truth to these and many other ideas that plague Irish nation, but I caution ND fans to be patient!

In my opinion, ND got it right for the first time since Lou. Charlie Weis is the right guy and I point to one key factor to his short time at ND: recruiting!

Ty Willingham did a poor job recruiting at ND. There wasn't quality depth amongst the classes and overall the talent wasn't there.

I know what you're thinking, "Here we go with the Ty bashing." I in no way mean to throw Coach Willingham under the bus.

I think he is a quality individual. He seems like the kind of coach that you would have no problem sending your child away to for the first time in your life. Although, this is what you are looking for, as a parent, when sending your child away to college.

In the sporting world this does not get the job done.

In coach Willingham's defense, he did recruit one class that deserves great mention, but at the University of Notre Dame one class in that span to be within the top 30 is ridiculous!

Charlie Weis has done a tremendous job of bringing in talent. All the naysayers will scream and holler "Well, where are the wins? Where are the big-time wins?"

Well, I am here to tell you where they are. They are on their way!

All the talent I speak of that had to play in year three (2007) as freshmen and sophomores are battle tested. This is year five and they are juniors and seniors.

If you watch a game this fall and then watch a game from the Davie era or the Willingham era, the level of team talent, team speed, and overall aggression will be very apparent to you.

Charlie Weis will be the reason this team turns it around and from the Jimmy Clausen class on, ND should be back on the map. The best part of the Irish situation is if I am wrong and Weis is not the guy, he has assembled talent for the next coach like no fired coach at ND ever has!

No more new guy coming in with nothing to work with. This will not be the Irish's most difficult schedule and they can easily win nine to 10 games. The Irish should have won nine games last year, but they blew three double-digit leads. That's the mark of a young team and a young team these Irish are not!

People are quick to talk about their lack of a schedule this year, but I ask you where these people were in 2007 when ND played nine bowl teams? That did not matter, just the bottom line. So be prepared for a new bottom line in the next few years!

The Eye In The Sky Never lies!

Watch these teams on film and you tell me Charlie Weis is not making serious moves here.