Updated Stat Predictions for the New York Rangers' 10 Best Players

Jeremy Fuchs@@jaf78Correspondent IIIMarch 11, 2013

Updated Stat Predictions for the New York Rangers' 10 Best Players

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    At the beginning of the season, I predicted the stats of the New York Rangers' 10 best players. 

    Now that we're at the halfway point of the season, it's time to update those stats.

    Where are the Rangers now and what will the stats look like at the end of the season? Will my predictions hold up?

    Read on to find out. 

Henrik Lundqvist

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    I predicted Henrik Lundqvist to have a record of 17-10-3, a 2.03 goals against average, and a .927 save percentage.

    Thus far this season, Lundqvist is 11-8-1, with a 2.24 goals against average and a .921 save percentage.

    He hasn't been awful this year, but hasn't been his dominant self. He's been playing better of late, along with the rest of the Rangers.

    Look for Lundqvist to have a record of 20-15-4, a 2.20 goals against average and a .920 save percentage. 

Rick Nash

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    Rick Nash has been everything the Rangers have hoped for and more, with nine goals and 14 assists this season. He currently holds a 10-game point streak and has scored six goals in his last six games.

    I predicted Nash to have 25 goals and 23 assists. 

    For him to reach those numbers, he would need to continue on his current tear for the rest of the season.

    I see no reason why that can't happen.

Brad Richards

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    Boy, did I miss the boat on Brad Richards.

    I predicted the center to have 23 goals and 28 assists.

    So far, he has four goals and 11 assists. He's been benched a number of times and has looked like a shell of himself.

    He does have three points in his last four games, but there is no way that he will score 23 goals. Twenty-eight assists is likely a pipe dream.

    However, I will grant him eight goals and 20 assists, a really disappointing season for Richards. 

Marian Gaborik

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    Marian Gaborik has always been a streaky scorer, and this season has been no different. Gaborik scored five goals in his first seven games. Since then, he's only scored three more goals.

    I predicted Gaborik to have 21 goals and 19 assists this season. He has the talent to reach those numbers, but he's been hard to predict lately. 

    I'll predict Gaborik to score 18 goals along with 15 assists. 

Ryan Callahan

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    Ryan Callahan has eight goals and three assists this season, though he has been on a bit of a roll as of late, totaling three goals and two assists in his last six games.

    I predicted the captain to have 20 goals and 15 assists in 2013.

    I think he'll definitely score 20 goals, but 15 assists might be a bit much.

    I'm going to revise my prediction to have Callahan scoring 20 goals, along with 10 assists. 

Ryan McDonagh

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    So far this season, Ryan McDonagh has two goals and eight assists.

    I predicted him to finish with five goals and 20 assists this season.

    That might have been a bit much. Five goals is possible, but 20 assists seems like a stretch. Let's revise that down to 15.  

Carl Hagelin

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    Carl Hagelin started the season slow, but he has picked it up of late.

    He scored 11 points in February and has seven goals and eight assists.

    I predicted Hagelin to have a huge year, scoring 16 goals and adding 26 assists.

    Is that impossible? Probably. But his slow start hurt.

    He's been terrific with Rick Nash, who continues to score and dominate opponents with Hagelin as the beneficiary. 

    I think Hagelin will score 16 goals this season and finish with 20 assists. Consider this: In a full, 82-game season, that would equate to roughly 30 goals and nearly 40 assists.

    Not bad for someone who didn't get a point in January.  

J.T. Miller

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    I originally had a preseason stat prediction of Chris Kreider.

    That didn't go well. Kreider struggled mightily with the Rangers, scoring one goal with one assist and generally looking lost on defense.

    Kreider's demotion, however, gave room for J.T. Miller to come up and gain a starting role.

    The 19-year-old has shown poise beyond his years, playing in all situations. He has only two goals and two assists, but he is getting more comfortable with each pressing game and has recently been centering the second line.

    Miller, it seems, is on the verge of a scoring streak. While he won't put up huge numbers by year's end, I foresee him scoring seven goals and adding eight assists.

Dan Girardi

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    Dan Girardi has one goal and eight assists so far this season.

    At the beginning of the season, I predicted him to have three goals and 17 assists.

    Those numbers seem spot-on, but it is possible that Girardi could score a few more goals on the power play now that Marc Staal is out.

    Girardi is never going to be a huge offensive threat. He's an incredible defensive defenseman, and that's where his strengths lie.

    That said, he does have a good shot and is smart enough to make solid outlet passes.

    I'll stay with my prediction of three goals and 17 assists for Girardi.  

Derek Stepan

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    At the beginning of the season, I predicted Stepan to have 10 goals and 20 assists. Modest numbers, to be sure.

    Through 23 games, Stepan has six goals and 10 assists. However, he's been on fire of late.

    In his last six games, Stepan has three goals and four assists. As long as he stays with Rick Nash, he should continue his strong play.

    I can easily foresee Stepan scoring 13 goals, along with 28 assists. Those would be great numbers for a first-line center.