Be Jealous: The Best Move the WWE Made During the Draft!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 14, 2009

They are Two-Time Tag Team Champions and Slammy Award Winners in the WWE. They are self proclaimed Hollywood A-Listers and both are good with the ladies. Who am I talking about? The Miz and John Morrison of course.

They have been considered the best tag team the WWE has seen for a long time, and the best team in the WWE today. But of course they both have egos, and both want to be the best.

The problem is that they do have egos, which came to the forefront last night on RAW during the WWE Draft. Miz of ECW lost to Kofi Kingston of RAW because of John Morrison costing Miz the match by DQ.

Therefore, the draft pick went to Kofi and RAW. But to all of our surprise The Miz got drafted to RAW. Miz and Morrison looked sad to see that they would have to split up. At least one of them did.

Miz quickly saw his opportunity and hit the Reality Check on Morrison when he wasn't looking. The former MTV Real World star will go to RAW and Morrison will stay on ECW, both heading for their singles careers.

This was a good idea in my mind. Miz does not look to be a big superstar in the WWE in my mind, so I would have drafted Morrison to RAW. But that is just my opinion,

However, having them split was a terrific idea. Sure, they were the best tag team the WWE had at the time. Both are big for in The Dirt Sheet. And both have been Slammy Awards Winners together.

They looked to really be pushing them in the tag division until Wrestlemania where they lost their World Tag Team Championships to the Colons in the Unified Tag Team Championship match.

So of course in many fans' eyes it looked as if the push for the tag division to make them the biggest tag team in the WWE in a long time looked to be over.

I mentioned on my on-line radio show this week, that I wanted to see Morrison and Miz split. I felt that having a talent like Morrison stuck in the tag division was not fair to him.

He has a close resemblance to one Shawn Michaels in my eyes. He has the sex appeal that female fans love, he has the athletic ability that people love to watch, and he is good on the mic which can help in storylines as a singles superstar.

People forget Morrison has been around a long time. He of course shined a lot in the tag division, winning three Tag Team Titles in his rookie year alone.

But he has also been an Intercontental Champion a couple of times too, and even an ECW World Champion. So that shows he can be successful.

Miz on the other hand has only shown he can work in the tag division. So while I am interested in seeing how he develops as a singles superstar, I do not feel like Miz will be nearly as big as Morrison.

Morrison as I mentioned earlier, looks like a young Shawn Michaels. So in my eyes, I feel you should push him as you did with Michaels.

Maybe even give him a body guard like you did Michaels. Maybe even make him go to the mid cards for a while going after a US or IC Title on either SmackDown or RAW.

If they can win a tag team title that is not on ECW, I am sure they can win a singles title not there too. So I would not worry about the brand split.

I feel he should head to SmackDown in the supplemental draft, because he will die on ECW in my mind. You have to many people going after the ECW Championship, and even though the brand split should not matter, it may.

Matt Hardy won the US Title, then went to ECW. He was on SmackDown so he took the US Title he won there with him.

However he was beaten by Shelton Benjamin later on who was a SmackDown Superstar. So suddenly it was not an ECW Title anymore, but a SmackDown one.

So if the same concept works and Morrison win the IC Title or US Title, then the title will go with him to ECW.

And the WWE does not want that to have any title but the ECW Championship on ECW. So with that said Morrison will not work on ECW anymore. And he could not just up and leave like Matt Hardy did to go to either RAW or SmackDown.

Hardy had a special case where he was getting into a storyline with his brother. So with that said Morrison would have to have one to leave.

I don't think he can win the ECW Championship again as Swagger, Bourne, Christian, Kozlov, Henry, Finley, and Dreamer are all in the hunt for it. Not to mention whoever else we see debut there this year.

Swagger will most likely keep it for a while, and Morrison won't win it again. So having him face guys not on his level is just wrong when you could give him a better platform and better matches with bigger names on SmackDown.

Morrison could be huge if the WWE uses him right. If it is another case of talent misused by the WWE then they need to get their heads knocked in by fans. Because you have a chance to have a future top guy for the WWE in Morrison.

And not using him like he should be used would be wrong.

Morrison can be in any match too, he can both a big and small man. He has the power to hang around with the big guys and power guys like Cena, Triple H, and Kane. And yet he still has the agility and high flying ability to hang around with the small speedy guys like that of Mysterio and Bourne.

He reminds me of Michaels, yet also reminds me of Jeff Hardy.

Hardy had all the talent in the world, yet had out of the spotlight troubles. Morrison had similar troubles. Not so much drugs, but not taking things seriously.

Sure he would always give us a show, but the WWE realized he did not show commitment they wanted and that was why he was not pushed before. He seemed to goofy to them, and they did not want to take a risk on him. Sound familiar?

The WWE had to give titles to Hardy because he was so popular. The fans wanted to see him win and the WWE gave them what they wanted to see.

I feel the same will happen with Morrison, he will have to win titles because fans like him. And he looks to be having a face turns after "He" was hit with the Reality Check.

They may keep him heel, but I feel he would work better as a face for his singles career for now at least.

Both Hardy and Morrison had to prove they could do well in the singles division. Both won singles titles while still in a tag team. But then they had to split, and of course that was when the success poured in.

I feel this will happen with Morrison, but only if the WWE does it right. Also taking him of ECW would be a good idea because of the fact that there is a chance he could go right to high mid-cards there.

John Morrison will be a World Champion someday mark my words, and people will be jealous.


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