Oklahoma State Football: Why the Cowboys Are More Fun to Watch Than Oklahoma

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIMarch 8, 2013

NORMAN, OK - NOVEMBER 24:   Quarterback Clint Chelf #10 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys tries to outrun defensive back Demontre Hurst #6 of the Oklahoma Sooners November 24, 2012 at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma defeated Oklahoma State 51-48 in overtime. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Brett Deering/Getty Images

The state of Oklahoma is a football state. For most of its history, that association with the sport of football has been at its peak with the University of Oklahoma Sooners. However, that has changed.

The better show in town is now over in Stillwater, where the Oklahoma State Cowboys have become one of the most entertaining teams in college football, let alone in the state of Oklahoma.

The reason has a lot to do with history and what the teams are currently doing with the talent they have. By looking at those factors, one can see that the entertainment value a team provides depends heavily on expectations.

Sooner fans are used to a certain standard. They are not satisfied if their team isn’t winning conference titles and in the running for national ones. The team has not measured up recently, resulting in a less entertaining product.

The Cowboys program is totally different. The fans there are not used to annual success. The fact that the team is on the best streak in its history and scoring a ton of points is enough for it at this point. Winning a title would be great, but Cowboy fans remember where they were once and realize how much better off the team is now.

This results in the Cowboy fans being way more fun to be around. Unlike their Sooner counterparts, they get joy from watching their team, even when things don’t go their way. Obviously, this makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Expectations are huge in terms of entertainment. However, they are not the sole reason behind why the Cowboys are more entertaining than the Sooners.

Another is harder to define, but very easy to see.

Both schools run similar, open, pass-oriented offenses. Yet, the Cowboys offense is so much more fun to watch.

Oklahoma’s looks bigger and maybe more talented, but also so much slower and cumbersome.

Oklahoma State’s offense is also far more multi-dimensional than that of Oklahoma. The Sooners have not been able to consistently run the ball since DeMarco Murray left. The Cowboys run the ball out of the shotgun as well as almost anyone in the country, and their running plays are not all finesse. Their running game has been a power one, which is all the more impressive coming out of the shotgun.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are the premium show to see when it comes to college football in the state of Oklahoma. They may not have the pedigree, championships or history the Sooners have, but they do play a more, exciting brand of spread football with fans who have not yet been jaded by previous success.

If you can, go to a game in Stillwater and Norman. If you have to make a choice, take my word for it and head north to Stillwater.