Why Christian Should Lose on ECW Tonight if He Wants to Be Drafted

JSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2009

Christian Cage shocked the world a few months ago by returning to ECW, WWE's third-string show, and has been competing there ever since.

There was much debate as to whether this was the right move by the WWE, but, regardless, most believed it would be a short-lived tenure.

His intentions to win ECW gold are now well known. Last week, he progressed through to the second stage of the ECW Elimination Chase to determine the No. 1 contender for Jack Swagger’s title, as ordered by the new interim general manager, Tiffany.

I see this posing a dilemma.

Christian, I am sure, would much prefer to be on a bigger brand, and with his recent move back to the WWE and accompanying popularity, I’m sure the fans would too.

However, the supplementary draft is on Wednesday, so can it be viable for anyone who is still in the Elimination Chase to conceivably be drafted?

Look what happened last year following the draft at Night of Champions, where Kane, Mark Henry, and Big Show were in a triple threat for the ECW gold. Kane had recently been drafted to RAW, and Big Show was on SmackDown, leaving only Mark Henry on the brand.

To say that match was predictable would be a gross understatement. The ECW title is near enough the only belt that cannot switch brands, so it became obvious who the victor would be.

If Christian remains in this hunt for the ECW Championship, and gets drafted, we will be faced with a similar position as after the last draft. There will be almost no plausible means for him to win the title, as it would remove it from its namesake brand.

The WWE can surely see how this string of events would back that championship match into a predictable outcome, generating more criticism for an issue that tends to arise too often in their business.

The WWE could bail themselves out of this mess by not drafting Christian, but I’m sure this would cause just as much uproar as the previous scenario. Many Christian fans are really not happy having him on ECW, and to make him wait another year to move up could be disastrous for ratings, and Christian’s career.

The only way out, therefore, would be to make him lose tonight on ECW, and sever all ties he has with the brand—allowing him smooth passage to one of the bigger brands.

I am not the biggest fan of Christian currently, but it seems sensible to me that more exposure to this kind of star is what the WWE needs. Leaving him to languish on the sinking ship of ECW is doing nobody any favors.

Make the right move, Christian—lose!