The Implosion III: The (Unprofessionably Handled) B/R Mess: My Side

KumarCorrespondent IApril 14, 2009

Three weeks I’ve been gone. Worst three weeks I’ve ever seen out of B/R.

During that time, I’ve been seriously thinking about joining another forum, because this is absolutely nuts. If Zander doesn't decide a leader in less than a week, B/R Wrestling is going for a downturn, and it won't be good. Remember when Raw's inmates "ran the asylum?" It created the worst storylines of last year. B/R right now is exactly the same.

Guys, I’ll ask you one simplistic question…

Where’s the wrestling?

I’ve wasted two of my pieces on things other than wrestling, and they didn’t help B/R. So guys, what in the BLUE HELL makes you think that your pieces are going to be constructive? I’m just sick and tired of this Community Leader BS. I swear, I don’t even know or care who's on that nomination list, but with all due respect for all, let me give you my opinion just so we can end this stuff, please? I’ve kept quiet, but my third Implosion is here.

-AkD. AkD dishes out articles more than he has meals and is truly respected amongst people here. Many have debated his rank at No. 2, but he is probably the fastest rising writer in Wrestling I’ve ever seen. Within three months, he’s shaken up the ranks respectably and made over 2,000 comments, which took Shane Howard and Joe Burgett seven months. He’s never plagiarized, and he does his work tagging almost every writer on B/R that needs exposure. Some may say you need veteran experience to lead, but to me, AkD would be just fine.

-Shane Howard. Shane’s the veteran here without controversy. He’s humored us all with articles that have free reign on basically anybody, and when it comes to his wrestling knowledge, he is way more than just knowledgeable.  Also, out of all of us, I don’t know anyone who spends more time reading and commenting than Shane. Almost every article has been commented on by Shane, including all of mine. In addition, he’s welcoming, and I can say that from personal experience. I conclude that Shane as well, would be a good Community Leader.

-Daris Brown. I don’t know Daris very well, but I do know that when Daris writes, it’s usually something I’ll give POTD to. Also known for HTR (along with Shane and Demetrus Stokes), he’s been a former Top Fiver for a very long time. Daris spends a lot of time into his work, and for being here long enough, he’s a candidate for the Leader.

-(R.I.P., LOL) Josh Swell? Swell quit B/R a long time ago, but to be honest, I would have picked him over anyone here if he stayed. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t at war with Joe Burgett and still managed to keep good with all of us, AND was a Top Five (to be) writer. We miss you, man, and please come back J…

-Ray Bogusz. He is the grammar mind of B/R, and truly a one-of-a-kind guy. A poetic writer, Ray can do it all. Although he’s not an article making machine, he knows the mechanics of B/R better than anybody, and I can swear to that. Guys, look at how many guys he caught plagiarizing, amongst them Adrian Staehle (pronounced Stale?), who sadly still stands in the Top 15.  

Hey Burgett, did you just call him a friggin’ hothead? Really?

Ray can be triggered at times, but when he gets mad at you, guys, I’ll speak for him when I say that he does it for a good reason. Ray has the right to get mad at ANYONE when he wants to. Hell, I’ve been victim to him once. Seriously. Jay Rob and I started a fantasy series, and when I asked Ray to edit, he refused. He hated the series, and we were at our throats for a period of an hour (metaphorically). So to conclude, Joe, maybe he just doesn’t like you, like many others….

-Jason Le Blanc. JLB may be the most talented consistent writer here. I always said that Mina (when are you coming back) is our best, but JLB, guys, comes pretty close. Remember RNN? How ‘bout the WrestleMania series? Or more RNN?

JLB is a Top 5 writer not because of writing alone. He comments religiously, and as I’ve remembered, I’ve seen many debates of his and another writer in articles day after day. He’s worthy as anyone else for the Leader.

-Joe Burgett.I hate to be biased, but you’ve bashed anyone who’s threatened your ranking, or something you want. Like anyone says, you’re the John Cena of B/R. You can write all the crap you want, Joe, and I’ll read the pieces you put out. As I’ve said, you’re still my newsletter, so please, never stop that. You’re divided simply, my friend: The Good, the Bad, and the Unbearable.

The Good. Joe, you are a gifted and talented writer, but you’re like a lazy ADD patient in the point that you won’t do anything. Out of every 4 pieces, you probably only have 1 good one. Out of every 40 pieces, you’ll have 10 good ones, but one POTD-worthy one. Happy? Also, you are B/R’s permanent newsletter. I don’t even have to go to my friggin’ insider to get in-depth rumor stories, and that’s really saying something. I also think that you’re almost solely responsible for expanding the Wrestling Section to what it is today (1,000 people) because of your news articles. Thanks for that, but not, for this….

The Bad. You’ve gotten every frickin’ writer on B/R to hate you. Why? A couple reasons….

-You don’t welcome anyone here, and although you did help me, I had to ask for it.

-You have proven to care about yourself only at times. Do you comment on anyone else’s pieces? Nope, unless they are about you.

-You snowball yourself being an attention freak. Although you are Numero Uno, you still have to let others get exposure. Don’t let B/R Wrestling to be all about you. Although you got over half the 1,000 people who joined here today by your news pieces, you’re going to have to move away from the spotlight.

The Unbearable. Um….I can’t explain this one. So…it’s now the Unexplainable.

-Celeste Winchester. Celeste’s Rumor Mill is the most successful series in B/R right now. Just about anyone who doesn’t have an insider uses this. Celeste also comments a ton, so that would favor her credit. I don’t know if the Rumor Mill can solely make her Community Leader, but maybe it can. No one knows…

These are all the nominees that I can think of for the Leader. Honorable Mention goes to Jev Thorpe, as he also is nominated, as I just found out. If you know his mathematician side, then Jev is your mom’s best choice for the Leader, LOL. I hope this is the last non-wrestling piece at B/R.

DISCLAIMER: Do not call me a hypocrite. I just wanted my say in this matter. I haven’t accessed time to write, so here I am. Consider this a comeback for me. Of course, this is all thanks to….



Thank you for bearing my Implosion. The anger is over, and now I rest peacefully.