WWE WrestleMania: Will Anything on the Card Touch John Cena vs CM Punk from Raw?

Travis Taylor@@WriterTaylorSenior Writer IIApril 8, 2017

The WrestleMania card is beginning to take shape. But one question comes to mind: Will anything on the card touch John Cena versus CM Punk from Raw?

What made that match stand out beyond its action was the real possibility of something new happening.

But the current matches on the card don't have unpredictability.

For those who missed it or have forgotten, Cena and Punk met Feb. 25 on Raw to decide the No. 1 contender for the WWE championship. What followed was one of the best matches in recent history.

Both men countered every move in each other's arsenal. Finishers didn't matter because both men repeatedly kicked out from each other's big move. The WWE Universe was treated to piledrivers, powerbombs and hurricanranas.

It was a pay-per-view match on free television. Had the bout occurred at WrestleMania, it would have been the main event and the perfect topper to the night.

Since these two won't be fighting on the biggest stage of them all, there won't be a chance for a repeat. But since great events in wrestling history are always compared to the last great event, can anything on the card top Cena versus Punk?

Sp far, only three matches are confirmed for WrestleMania: The Rock vs. Cena, Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger and Punk vs. The Undertaker.

How do those three bouts stack up to the Monday Night Raw bout?

Rock versus Cena is a re-hash from WrestleMania XXVIII. This isn't to say the match won't be good, but it doesn't have the same urgency as the last time. These guys will beat each other up good, but they wont pull out moves like what was seen with Cena and Punk.

And that falls on Rock's shoulders.

Cena himself has joked about his Five Moves of Doom and lack of variety in his matches. But when was the last time Rock debuted a new move? His matches consist of kicks, punches (with a spit into his hand to make it hurt more) and a Rock Bottom followed by a People's Elbow.

If Rock isn't willing to try both using and taking new moves, then neither will Cena.

But even if he did, would it matter?

Rock is going to work a limited number of dates after WrestleMania, including the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, but he'll be without the title. Rock won their last bout and is a part-timer. Cena, as the face of the company, will walk away with the title and even up their series.

The Del Rio and Swagger bout isn't much different. While the two men have never faced each other in singles competition before, they have crossed paths several times. Both men will stick to what works and that's fine.

But Swagger is going to walk away with this one. He's too hot and getting too much mainstream attention to suffer through a loss.

Much of the same can be said of the Punk/Undertaker bout. With Undertaker's health problems well documented as of late, it's a sure bet he'll stick to what he knows and hit all his famous moves.

For Punk, don't look for him to pull out any surprises. He may play a bad guy on television, but he's still a professional. If 'Taker is hurting, he's going to help keep the Dead Man safe.

But the conclusion is a safe bet: Undertaker won't lose his streak to Punk.

It'll be a great match, but there will be no surprise at the end.

That's where the Cena/Punk bout stands out. When it occurred, Undertaker was still uncertain for WrestleMania. Punk needed a match for the big show. There was that small bit of doubt, a touch of uncertainty. It seemed the WWE championship match could change.

For WrestleMania to be as great as Cena and Punk were on Raw, it needs to be just as unpredictable.