ECW One Night Stand.. My One Night Stand!!!

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ECW One Night Stand.. My One Night Stand!!!

June 11 2006 Sunday

I waited for weeks to watch ECW One Night Stand. I bought chips, dips and root beer. ahhhhh root beer, i love root beer it has the oaky taste of mud and the sweetness of apple leaves. my brother also loves root beer but i didn't buy  him one he was sad. He  asked me nicely if he could have root beer. I declined, my brother cried so i went to the bathroom drank all the root beer and i poured pee into the empty can. I slowly went to my brother...


I gave my brother the root beer(pee) He stretched his arms and was happy


My mother saw the rootbeer he ran wildly towards me I couldn't believe that she also loves rootbeer


She drank the rootbeer


I screamed in slow motion " MOOOOM..... NOOOOOOO..."


I had mixed emotions I wanted to run out but i also wanted to laugh hard


I choose to laugh hard. It was the wrong decision


My mother hits me with the rootbeer can


I said im sorry. but my brother was laughing at me very hard. I was angry,


I ran towards my brother and i gave him a drop kick


He fell off the window


My mother scolded me and told me that I was grounded for 2 months. I went to my room and called my friend. but he did not answer because One night Stand was already on.


I sneaked out our house and went to my neighbors house to watch ECW one night stand


We watched One night Stand on his TV. I was Happy very happy it was the bomb!


I saw Edge spear cena. He srewed cena. The Fans was exited, i was too


Out of excitement as RVD won i choked my friend he was unconscious.


His father saw all this he stood up. but mt adrenalin was high, 


I give his father a spear.


I went to their master bedroom i saw his mom sleeping She was still young, She was wearing victoria's secret lingerie, So what am i supposed to do?


What else but a flying Frog Splash!!


I went outside i saw my brother who fell out the window.


I pee'd on his injured leg


This is extreme!!!!

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