Celta Vigo Midfielder Enrique De Lucas Sips Beer on Bench (Video)

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterMarch 7, 2013

In the fictional world of propane salesmen, Hank Hill once asked whether there's "anything beer can't do." In the high-stakes world of top-tier soccer, Enrique de Lucas would probably echo that sentiment.

On Monday, Quique and his Celta Vigo mates lost 4-1 at Sevilla in Spain's La Liga as Alvaro Negredo scored a hat-trick. The loss dropped Celta to 18th place with 23 points through 26 matches. Perhaps more importantly, though, Quique was pictured drinking a beer on the bench before the match—which he entered in the 75th minute.

Video of Quique sipping his brew appears above. The clip is our Set Piece Video of the Day for this Thursday. Enjoy, preferably with a fine, dry-hopped ale of your choosing.

As beer lovers, we have nothing but respect here. Around here we pride ourselves on being able to order a cerveza in a variety of languages, for a variety of occasions. Anyway, football and beer have a long—if sometimes spotty—history together.

Even so, the prelude to a football match is not usually one of those occasions. (Afterward, though?)

Last fall, Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb fined defender Domagoj Vida €100,000 for opening a can of brew on the team bus on the way to a match. A newspaper joked, "It was the most expensive beer Vida has ever had" (via Yahoo! Eurosport).

Then again, as Dirty Tackle points out, it could have been one of those non-alcoholic beers that are promoted as sports drinks. After all, beer does contain lots of carbs, and carbs do, after all, provide energy to the human body.

Either way, Celta Vigo lost the game, but Quique might have just become a hero to hop-heads everywhere. We say it's high time for a craft brewery to come out with a Quique 75-minute IPA.

(h/t Dirty Tackle)