Dolph Ziggler Has Become WWE's Mr. Jobber to the Stars

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 7, 2013

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Although Dolph Ziggler holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, all but guaranteeing him a world title reign, he loses more often than the Cleveland Browns.

His win-loss record belies his place in the WWE hierarchy. A fan new to Raw and SmackDown may think Ziggler is one of WWE's bottom feeders. He certainly loses like he is.

Even with AJ Lee and Big E Langston in his corner, Ziggler struggles to get victories.

His incessant losing makes him a less legitimate title contender. When he finally cashes in, it'll be a strange moment. Imagine the Brooklyn Brawler clipping a world title around his waist. That's essentially what it will be like if Ziggler earns championship gold.

Take a look back at Ziggler's record for just this year.

On the Jan. 9 Main Event, ZIggler lost to Sheamus; he couldn't find a way to beat John Cena on the 20th anniversary of Raw and on Raw Roulette; and he and Chris Jericho lost to Team Hell No.

Kane pinned him on the Feb. 11 episode of Raw, while Ryback did the same on the Feb. 25 episode. Ziggler also lost to Daniel Bryan on the first Saturday Morning Slam in March.

The Show Off has also been Alberto Del Rio's personal record-booster.

Ziggler lost to Del Rio on both the Jan. 30 and Feb. 13 episodes of Main Event as well as the Feb. 19 edition of Raw.

That's an inordinate amount of losses for only being this far into 2013. Ziggler doesn't look like he has enough momentum to be Internet champ, much less the world heavyweight title holder.

Fans too often complain about their favorite guy getting "buried" every time he loses, but Ziggler fans have a legitimate gripe. This isn't just a loss here and there; it's a pattern.

Ziggler has felt like WWE's resident doormat in recent months.

Despite his high profile, despite his Mr. Money in the Bank status, Ziggler is being asked to fail at an astounding rate. Has he done something to upset Vince McMahon?

His win against John Cena at TLC 2012 felt like it might lead to some momentum, but now seems like a distant memory.

One has to wonder how Ziggler's eventual cash-in will feel after fans have seen him lose so often. The man he very well may be cashing in on, Alberto Del Rio, has beaten him three times in a short span.

Sure, those victories make Del Rio look like a strong champion, but what does it do for Ziggler should he hold the championship soon?

With his Money in the Bank contract expiring in July, WWE has just a few months to build Ziggler back up as someone we can believe in as champ. Right now, should The Show Off carry around the gold, it'll feel much like it would if Yoshi Tatsu were to do so.

Perhaps WWE is lowering fans' expectations and impressions of Ziggler in order to make his Money in the Bank cash-in more of a shocking moment.

Maybe Ziggler's just too good at selling moves and too good at making others look better that WWE is always tempted to ask him to lie on his back for someone else's sake.

Ziggler has looked as fantastic as one can being on the losing side more often than not. He's an athletic marvel, a performer developing at a rapid rate. Will that ever translate into some wins, though?

Some men are born to be prey while others are born to be predators. Some men are born losers; some are born champions. WWE has to decide which category it thinks Ziggler belongs.

Right now, he's in limbo, hovering around the upper rungs of the WWE ladder while failing time and time again.