Cubs Fans Still Waiting for 1908 World Series DVD Collection Release

Steve JankowskiAnalyst IMarch 31, 2008

DVD collections of past World Series have been popular gifts for fans of teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnatti Reds, Chicago White Sox, and St. Louis Cardinals.

But fans of one team are still breathlessly awaiting the release of the DVD collection commemorating their favorite club's most recent title.

"I can't wait for the 1908 World Series DVD collection to come out!" exclaimed Cubs fan Joe Sterlowski.

Long-suffering Cubs fans have yet to see their club claim a championship in their lifetime, and, for some, the DVD collection may be their only hope.

"Given the state of the team, I don't know if I'll see them win it in person," said another Cubs fan. 

Some fans see now as the perfect time to release the set.

"I hope they release the DVDs this year, I mean, how perfect would that be?" said Cubs fan Shannen O'Brien. "The timing would be perfect, with this year being the 100 year anniversary.  It would be a great way to celebrate the milestone and a wonderful gift for my boyfriend."

Elderly Cubs fans see this collection as a way of reliving a part of their pasts.

Ethel Campbell, a long-time Cubs fan who is 103-years-old this year, counts the Cubs 1908 title as one of her earliest memories.

"I would love to see it again," Campbell said.  "I know this may be my last chance to see the team win a championship."

The sheer amount of time since the Cubs' last title has not dampened the most ardent Cubs anticipation of this set.

"With technology today, anything is possible, and I hope this DVD set is released soon," said Sterlowski.

Major League Baseball Media had no comment on the release of a 1908 Cubs DVD set as of press time.