MLB Opening Day 2008

James MardikosContributor IMarch 31, 2008

It's finally here the 2008 baseball season... No more steroids, no more grand juries, the boys of summer are back to make all the fans out there forget.

It may have been 40 degrees and rainy here in S.I. New York, but that didnt stop me from watching baseball all day (apparently it stopped the yankees from playing but we don't care much about them).

 I started off the day with some Detroit and Kansas City... So far, every prognosticator in America is correct about the Tigers... They're going to score a million runs, but their bullpen is absolutley horrid... My father might be younger then Todd Jones, and i'm not even sure but i believe his name was Denny Bautista? 100mph fastball but you can't get Tony Pena out?

 Kansas City has some nice talent... Never really saw Gil Meche pitch before, he has some filthy stuff he might be worth every penny if he stays healthy... Alex Gordon is going to step up this year, Billy Butler has a ton of power, Mark Teahen's solid, and Joakim Soria the closer is yet another Rule 5 draft pick steal... There number 1 pick from a couple years ago Luke Hochevar is shooting through their system... A lot to be optimistic about, but not this year lets be realistic.

Then came my Mets... I could not wait all day to see Santana pitch... 7 innings (first met pitcher to go past the 6th inning since Bobby Jones in the 2000 NLDS) haha obviously not true but it felt like it after last year, 8 K's, 3 Hits... Maybe it's just me but i watched every pitch of the game and i feel like he wasnt on his A game... good sign if there is more to him... Jose Reyes, and David Wright had good games along with Beltran... Delgado still looks lost so those three need to be great this year.

Eric Gagne was a mess today not just his horrid pitching performance... Somebody get that man a shaver, an adjustable belt for his pants, and some anti-fog gel for those goggles... His jersey kept falling out of his pants, he looks like grizzly adams, and was constantly waving into his face because his glasses were fogging... Yes his glasses were fogging which means he couldnt see, not because Kosuke Fukudome is amazing... Let me remind Chicago Cubs fans Kazuo Matsui had great opening days himself, look where that got him, he's on the DL for a torn anal fissure? Im no doctor but i think thats only suppose to happen when a women gives birth 

 It's Snowing in Minnesota... Carlos Gomez looked good, they have something very nice in him and Delmon Young... too bad they have no promising pitchers coming... Joe Nathan is an elite closer, he was dealing in that 9th inning... Anaheim's in trouble without Lackey, and Escobar, Jered Weaver is not an Ace... Seattle has a real shot to win that division.

 Apparently Jake Peavy is going for the triple crown again... triple crown of hitting that is, he looks good at the plate... Maybe he could be the Padres leadoff hitter on his off days because they dont have one, Brian Giles might be the oldest, and slowest baseball player ever inserted in a leadoff spot. Im sure Timo Perez, or Joe Thurston are out there on the waiver wire for Kevin Towers to aquire for that.

 My Short Notes...

The Braves, and Phillies both lost late in their ballgames late... Break-up the first place ... Nationals?

Aaron Harang changed his number... must be trying out other options for when he gets traded and 39's taken

Sabathia was terrible today... Dont break the bank just yet... Casey Blake is highly underrated

The "RAYS" won... James Shields is gonna win 15 this year... Jeremy Guthrie is an ace on a major league team?

I love Barry Zito but he looks so awful... The Dodgers still have a long way to go

I think Albert Pujols is the career leader in home runs taken away because of postponments


    DeGrom Now Has Best ERA in NL After 7 Dominant Innings Wednesday

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    DeGrom Now Has Best ERA in NL After 7 Dominant Innings Wednesday

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    Aiming for Consistency, Happ Returns to Leadoff Spot for Cubs

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