The Women's Titles Switch Brands

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

Tonight on Monday Night RAW, Women's Champion Melina got drafted to Smackdown and Divas Champion Maryse got drafted to RAW. Here's my thoughts on each pick.

1. Melina to Smackdown

This was the third pick of the show. Unfortunately for Melina, it came after an awful six Diva tag match that was really Mickie vs. Michelle. I guess these two were trying to show off for the IWC who've been talking for quite some time about how the two have had good quick interactions with each other at various PPVs.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case tonight. Everything was a bit forced and sped up, and the end was abrupt, with Mickie getting pinned after a kick to the face. That took any kind of momentum out of the crowd, and the pick didn't get anything out of them either. The move is a bit of a disappointment.

Although it's good that the title will finally be made available for the SD divas, that roster isn't anything to get excited about. Gail and Melina will be on the same side. I personally believe McCool can't handle fast and agile opponents, so Melina and Michelle isn't exciting.

The only interesting match up would be Melina and Natalya, but Natalya hasn't been pushed for anything in quite some time. I hope that changes, but with McCool on the roster, I doubt she'll get a shot.

Plus, the loss of Maryse loses the only real character/personality they've got on the roster, and it makes for unexciting matches.

2. Maryse to RAW

This was the 11th pick of the show. I personally wasn't expecting it to be announced after a guy's match. Although it got no reaction, the crowd was rather dead in that final third hour. I think this is a good move for her and the Divas title.

This title has been unimportant since its creation and that had more to do with its first winner, and what happened to it since then. Now being on RAW, the title could get a little prestige with Mickie and Beth in the mix.

Plus, it could finally give the unappreciated Jillian a chance to wear a belt. Maryse may not be a good wrestler, but this woman has a fantastic character and in-ring persona and she gives the RAW Diva roster a real punch in personality.

Hopefully, we might bet a few more moves in Wednesday's Supplemental draft.