Vince Can't See Me: Dark Resonance

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

Welcome to Dark Resonance. Tonight we have decided to make sure we will give you the greatest night of entertainment ever so enjoy a night of fun and mayhem.

First Match: nWo vs. Un-Americans

This match goes from looking like crap to an all out war. You see so many finishers that you think the match will end in a few minutes. Too bad none exceed. Most of the finishers are stopped by teammates or just by the user botching it.

This match falls to the Un-Americans after Edge hits Hulk with the Edgecution. Then Hurricane runs in and hits Edge with a Hurri-Chokeslam. He then places Hulk on Edge with the help of Big Show. This causes the nWo to win.

After the match the nWo takes chairs and beats the Un-Americans. The Un-Americans have been totally wiped out by the end of the beating. Hulk, The Hurricane, and Big Show start doing weird poses.

After the match you see The Miz and John Morrison enter the room. They have decided to entertain the fans with their rap Mizfits and MOFO's. The fans love this and are on their feet.

Match Two: Intercontinental Championship Kane vs. Steve Austin Hardcore Match

This match starts fast and furious as soon as the bell rings. You see chair shots, hammer shots, and even Steve being put through a table. This match though is nowhere near over after Steve is put through the table. He actually comes back after being put through the table and hits Kane with three Stunners. Kane though takes them all and Chokeslams Steve.

This match ends though after Steve gets back up and hits Kane over the head with a chair. The Big Red Machine falls hard after that shot. Steve picks up the pin and the title.

Match Three: The Rock vs. Finlay EHW Championship Hell in The Cell Match

This match starts so fast you think that it will end fast too. That's farthest from the truth though. The Rock is on top after a Rock Bottom, but Finlay gets up before he can end it with The People's Elbow.

Finlay start using suplexes and DDT's like mad after he gets up. This match seems over when the third suplex hits. Too bad The Rock doesn't go down without the fight. Finlay starts dancing thinking he has won the match then The Rock hits him with a Rock Bottom followed by the People's Elbow. the Rock picks up the pin and retains his title


Match Four: C.M. Punk and A.J. Styles Vs. The Hardy Boyz Steel Cage match (Escape only)

This match is neck and neck the whole way. Jeff and A.J. start battling each other as soon as the match starts. The same goes for Matt and Punk. the match then goes for a dramatic turn. Punk and Matt are both on the ground after being hit with finishers and A.J. and Jeff are climbing up the cage. Both men on the ground start to move towards their opponent going up the cage. Matt cannot make it to his feet though and Punk makes Jeff come crashing back to eart as A.J.'s feet hit the ground and him and punk win the championship.