10 of MMA's Craziest Tales from Outside the Cage

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10 of MMA's Craziest Tales from Outside the Cage
Photo credit: FightingWords.ca

It's never pretty or easy to take a clear-eyed look at the trail of headline slime tailing behindthe MMA community. But given that the community revolves around violence, their bad apples apparently tend to shade toward the side of freaking rotten.

As such, consider this slideshow an example of public service in journalism. Remember when Bruce Wayne finds the bat cave and calmly stands up to let the bats fly around him? He was no longer afraid. He faced his fears. See what I'm saying, bro? This slideshow is the bat flock, or coven, or whatever they're called as a group. And you, the MMA stakeholder, are Bruce Wayne.

Without further ado, here are the 10 craziest tales of MMA that happened outside the cage. Some of these are kind of funny. Others are much, much less so. Humor calibrated accordingly. All of these stories happened to fighters during their fight careers and are a matter of public record (more or less).

Organ eaters need not apply. 

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