Philadelphia to God: Why?

B MacCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

Okay, this just might be my most controversial article yet. By no means is this article representative of the views of those here on Bleacher Report. Only me. So with that out of the way, here goes...

This is an open conversation/letter to God.

An outspoken Philadelphia Inquirer sports writer once said, "God to Philadelphia: Drop Dead."  While my words may not be as harsh, I still wonder what we did to deserve this.

Dear God,

Remember me?  It's Brian; you know, one of your "children"?  I have never contemplated about your existence. I have never been one to blaspheme or spout sacrilege.  Okay...but just a small amount.

I am writing to you because I am wondering what your deal is with Philadelphia? Do you just not like our sports teams?  Is it because William Penn tricked some Native Americans into selling their land for a couple of beads?

You have blessed us with three, no wait, four baseball teams of legend. The 1915 Philadelphia Phillies, the 1928 Philadelphia Athletics, the 1929 Athletics, and the 1930 Athletics.

Except in fell swoop, those teams are gone.

You seem to have toyed with our hearts when it came to baseball. I have always wondered why it took 97 years for the Phillies to win a World Championship, yet the American League Athletics won five World Championships in their short time in Philadelphia.

You seem to have people in this town believing in curses. But wait a minute! I thought you said curses were sacrilege and blasphemy!

The one professional football team in this town, the Eagles, won three championships, with the third and final one coming in 1960.

The Eagles haven't won one since.

Is it because we allowed Canadians to play their national sport in our town?

The one professional ice hockey team in our town, the Flyers, won their second and last championship in 1974.

Is it because we don't support our basketball team?

The one professional basketball team in our town, the 76ers, won their last title in 1983.

Prior to 2009, 1983 was the last time any Philadelphia major professional team won a championship. So, it begs the question, God: "Why?"

I always thought you loved to pick on the Cubs and Mets fans because of the way they act and behave.

Why is it that after after we finally win a world championship in any sport, you choose to take away the voice of a team? Or make us start off slow like molasses?

I guess God, some things are better off not being answered. Huh, God?

Well-hit, watch this baby, Outta Here! Home Run.