New Age Outlaws: Why Tandem Should Win Tag Team Titles at WWE WrestleMania 29

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2013

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The New Age Outlaws hadn't competed as a team on WWE programming since 2000, but that long drought came to an end on Monday night as they defeated Primo and Epico on Old School Raw. While it could have easily been a one-off thing in keeping with the spirit of the show, The Outlaws should be included on the WrestleMania XXIX card.

When Road Dogg and Billy Gunn returned to the WWE as part of the D-Generation X reunion on the 1,000th episode of Raw, many fans were excited about potential appearances moving forward. Road Dogg was already employed by the WWE as an agent and Gunn was soon signed as a developmental trainer. With both men under contract, the possibility of an in-ring return became very real.

The New Age Outlaws did compete on the house show circuit in late December of 2012 and early January of this year as they often tagged against Team Rhodes Scholars. Much to the dismay of many fans, though, this didn't lead to a televised return as neither man competed in the 2013 Royal Rumble nor was utilized on Raw or SmackDown.

I'm sure that Road Dogg and Gunn are happy in their current positions with the company, but I have to believe that they would jump at the chance to have one last run. Both of them are still in pretty good shape, Road Dogg is still one of the best in the business on the mic and they have a ton of crowd support, so it would behoove the WWE to continue using them.

The tag team division is in a state of flux at the moment and it is uncertain what the plans are moving forward. Team Hell No has held the Tag Team Championships since Night of Champions and they have done a great job with them. Kane and Daniel Bryan are singles competitors when push comes to shove, though, and their breakup has been foreshadowed for a long time. It's all going to come to a head eventually.

When it comes time for Team Hell No to drop the titles, the WWE needs to put them on a team that can continue to push the tag division forward. The WWE has quite a few tag teams on the roster currently, but few of them are truly established. If the WWE wants the division to remain relevant, then The New Age Outlaws should at least act as transitional champions.

Team Rhodes Scholars appeared to be the heirs to the Tag Team Championships, but they parted ways. They did team together on Superstars, though, so perhaps they're back together. Aside from them, the WWE has The Prime Time Players, the new team of Brodus Clay and Tensai, and a host of lower-level pairings.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara may have had enough star power to take the belts from Kane and Bryan, but Mysterio is injured again and there is some concern that it could be an ACL tear. That leaves the WWE with very few options, so it might as well go for the feel-good moment and make The New Age Outlaws six-time WWE Tag Team Champions of the world.

Although Team Hell No is on shaky ground at the moment, I highly doubt that Kane and Bryan will drop the titles prior to WrestleMania. They have had a series of matches with The Prime Time Players lately, but they don't have any true rivals right now either. Because of that, it's likely that Team Hell No will have to defend the belts at WrestleMania in a match that involves multiple teams, such as a battle royal or a tag team turmoil match.

If the WWE decides to go the tag team turmoil route then it can include all of the relevant teams and have The New Age Outlaws enter last to a massive pop. The Outlaws would pick up the win and then hold the belts for a short period of time before dropping them to another team. If Team Rhodes Scholars is intact for good, then it would make a lot of sense to have them win the belts.

The New Age Outlaws and Team Rhodes Scholars likely already have good in-ring chemistry due to their work together at live events. Road Dogg and Damien Sandow are both fantastic promo men, while Gunn and Cody Rhodes can really go in the ring, so it would be great to see them feud for a month before having the titles change hands at Extreme Rules.

Not only would the fans be treated to one last run from The New Age Outlaws, but Team Rhodes Scholars would receive a massive rub by beating a legendary tag team for the belts. It certainly seems like a win-win situation as the WWE needs there to be some buzz when Team Hell No loses the titles, but it also needs a team with some long-term viability.

Even if The New Age Outlaws wrestling on WWE programming was a one-time deal, it was great to see them back in action. The WWE is sitting on a goldmine, though, as it has a team that the fans absolutely love. If the goal is to make the Tag Team Championships seem important, then The Outlaws should wear the gold one more time.


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