Ultimate Wrestlemania: The Results Are in!

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IApril 13, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 28:  Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin attends the press conference held by Battle of the Billionaires to announce the details of Wrestlemania 23 at Trump Tower on March 28, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

All right folks!  After a record number of 35 million...urrr 35 votes here are the results of the matches for the "Ultimate Wrestlemania". 

Your votes were taken into account as well as the votes of non B/R community wrestling fans. 

Some of the results are pretty interesting so without further ado, here are your winners!

The '80's vs. The '90's

Stone Cold Steve Austin 83%

Hulk Hogan 17%

Yes I picked Hogan!  So what!  I did it for my own selfish reasons.  Do I know Austin would win...Yes but I have my reasons.  All of your Hulkamaniac cards are revoked!!  Except Steve Chott.  He also picked Hogan. 

The Great One vs. The Chain Gang Commander

The Rock 100%

John Cena 0%

I couldn't believe this.  Not one vote for Cena?  I almost gave him my vote as I've been anti-Dwayne Johnson but I'm not that bitter. 

Battle of the Showstoppers

Shawn Michaels 91%

Ricky Steamboat 9%

Kind of surprised by this one as I thought Steamboat would get more votes.  Ray was the only B/R writer to pick Steamboat.  My vote went to HBK. 


Two Animals

Ultimate Warrior 50%

Batista 42%

Double Countout/No Contest 8%


Most people said they didn't care about this match or called it the "bathroom break".  AkD voted for a double count out. Others didn't vote at all. The Warrior wins with that vicious splash he does.


Tag Team Legends

Dudley Boyz 50%

Road Warriors 50%


This one was too close to call! Votes were literally split right down the middle. This is obvious a dream match that everyone would have loved to see! 


Pro Wrestling to MMA

Brock Lesnar 83%

Bobby Lashley 17%


"The Next Big Thing" wins in a landslide. I couldn't leave my girl Celeste hanging. We were the only two from the B/R community to vote for Lashley. 


The Ultimate Diva

Trish Stratus 58%

Beth Phoenix 42%

Trish wins this battle of the divas and is the true Ms. Wrestlemania. 


Phenomenal Giants

Undertaker 58%

Andre The Giant 42%

Honestly, Andre got more votes then I thought he would.  Taker stays undefeated, even in our mock Wrestlemania. 


Technically Sound

Kurt Angle 67%

Curt Henning 33%


I went with Mr. Perfect but the consensus is that Kurt Angle would come out the victor in this match. JLB brought up a good point about Henning likely being a better champion then Angle had he ever won the WWE Championship. I agree with him.  Apparently the majority didn't. 


Hall of Fame Fatal Four Way

Ric Flair 51%

Sting 33%

Roddy Piper 8%

Mick Foley 8%


The "Nature Boy" wins big here. The cool thing is at least every participant got some votes. 


The Game's Madness

Triple H 67%

Macho Man Randy Savage 33%


I have to admit as much as people dislike Triple H for being married into the McMahon family, I was expecting him to lose this one.  As much as I am a fan of Triple H, I actually picked Savage to win.  However, "The Game" prevails. 


Canada Collides

Bret Hart 84%

Chris Benoit 8%

No Contest 8%

Similar to the Warrior vs. Batista match, a lot of people voted for a no contest in this match. I guess people respect the great wrestling ability both men had. Still the "Hitman" wins the majority vote. 


Two Amazons 

Chyna 81%

Awesome Kong 9%

No Contest 10%


The majority gave Chyna the nod in a matchup of two very dominant women.  JLB would have liked to seen Nicole Bass and WCW's "Chyna Knockoff" Asia added to the match.  Thank God that didn't happen! 

Shane Howard should be proud of being the only person in the B/R community to pick Kong.   


TLC Match

Edge & Christian 66%

The Hardy's 17%

British Bulldogs 17%


E&C prove that even in a fantasy matchup, they are the Kings of the TLC match!


10-Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Chris Jericho 34%

Eddie Guerrero 25%

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka 17%

Randy Orton 8%

Owen Hart 8%

Rob Van Dam 8%

Kane 0%

Tito Santana 0%

Ravishing Rick Rude 0%
Rey Mysterio 0%

This one might of been the most fun to tally up because you had 10 superstars and various votes for six of the ten.  Not really surprised that Kane didn't get any votes but I did expect Mysterio, Rude and Santana to get at least one. 

I almost voted for Rude but gave my nod to Snuka. 


Thanks everyone for participating!  Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!


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