Watch Derrick Rose's Return to Chicago Bulls Bench

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2013

The Chicago Bulls fell to the Indiana Pacers 97-92 to lose their ninth game in their past 15; that's why even the slightest Derrick Rose sighting gets people a bit more excited than you would expect.

Rose appeared before the game and shot around a bit with his team during warm-ups, but he didn't disappear into the locker room like he normally does.

Derrick Rose is sitting on the bench in a suit this evening.

— K.C Johnson (@KCJHoop) March 4, 2013

It seems like the most meaningless news, but it was the first time since tearing his ACL that Rose made an appearance on the sideline, watching his team and cheering them on throughout the game.

Rose has been nothing more than an unseen presence at Bulls games this season. He's constantly talked about, but rarely seen while games are going on. There's got to be something meaningful behind Rose siting on the bench, and on the road no less.

After the game, both Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose did their best to temper enthusiasm in an attempt to keep people from getting their hopes up.

Thibs said there was no significance to Rose sitting on the bench. Says he may not even sit there for all the games.

— Nick Friedell (@NickFriedell) March 4, 2013

DRose spoke informally with local reporters and was clearly happy to be back on the court. He knows every move he makes causes a stir now.

— Nick Friedell (@NickFriedell) March 4, 2013

Even still, it's hard to look at Rose sitting on the bench, yelling at his teammates and staring with that burning desire in his eyes and not believe there's something brewing.

At the very least there has to be some sort of announcement coming in the next month; otherwise, Rose's knee will continue to be a distraction for the Chicago Bulls.