Brock Lesnar's 7 Best WWE Matches so Far

Bill Pivetz@@BPiv_SportsCorrespondent IIIMarch 5, 2013

Brock Lesnar's 7 Best WWE Matches so Far

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    Brock Lesnar has been with the WWE for a total of three years (2002-2004 and 2012-current). Within those three years, he’s had some great matches. Some were bloody, others were technical, but they all had their jaw-dropping moments.

    From The Rock to Eddie Guerrero to Kurt Angle to The Undertaker, Lesnar has gone toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the business.

    I didn’t include his Royal Rumble victory. He entered at No. 29 and eliminated only four Superstars. It did, however, lead to a great match at WrestleMania XIX.

    Now, with a match against Triple H all but certain at WrestleMania XXIX, let’s take a look back at some of Lesnar’s best matches in his short career.

Honorable Mention

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    Before I get to my top seven, there are two matches worth mentioning.

    Vs. John Cena – Backlash 2003

    After defeating Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XIX, Brock Lesnar's next opponent was the young John Cena.

    Lesnar spent most of the match dominating Cena with thunderous knees to the gut. Cena gained the upper hand with a knee of his own and a leg drop from the top rope. Cena continued the attack on the outside, where he smashed Lesnar's face into the steel post.

    Back in the ring, Lesnar came back with three clotheslines and a huge powerslam. Cena threw Lesnar, who almost hit the referee, into the corner. With the ref's back turned, Cena hit a low blow and almost got the win.

    Cena went to use his chain, but the ref caught him and tossed it out. This allowed Lesnar to recover and hit the F5 for the win.

    This was a good match, but it wasn't pay-per-view quality like the others on the list. It did, however, give the fans a chance to see Cena in the top spot, something that wouldn't come for another two years.

    Vs. Undertaker – No Mercy 2003

    When these two fought in the Biker Chain match at No Mercy 2003, it was the third match in their rivalry. They fought at Unforgiven 2002, ending in a double disqualification, and the following month at No Mercy 2002 in a Hell in a Cell match.

    As soon as the bell rang, both men began brawling. Undertaker quickly connected with Old School. Undertaker continued the assault outside the ring, but Lesnar came back. He tossed Undertaker into the steel steps.

    Back in the ring, both men traded big shots. Undertaker landed his flying lariat while Lesnar connected with a running slam. Lesnar brought in the steel steps. On the outside, Undertaker hit a piledriver on the steps.

    Later, Undertaker went on a tear as he hit two body splashes and a big boot. He went for the chokeslam, but Lesnar countered and hit a spine buster. After Undertaker chokeslammed Lesnar from the top, the Full Blooded Italians attacked The Deadman.

    Undertaker grabbed the chain, but Mr. McMahon shook the ropes and forced Undertaker to land in an uncomfortable position. Lesnar grabbed the chain, wrapped it around his fist, punched Undertaker and won.

    It was another brawl, but a good match overall. The biggest thing from this match was the interference from Mr. McMahon. It was the catalyst for the buried alive match at Survivor Series.

7. Vs. John Cena – Extreme Rules 2012

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    Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE the night after WrestleMania XXVIII. He interrupted John Cena, faked a handshake and hit Cena with an F5.

    At Extreme Rules, Lesnar took down Cena and drove his elbow across his forehead, busting him open. Officials checked on Cena, which slowed the match down a bit.

    Lesnar continued the attack with some German suplexes and a shoulder tackle. Lesnar had some of Cena’s blood on his hands and licked it. Sick.

    Lesnar focused on the left arm of Cena with an arm bar. He then tied Cena at the feet with a chain and hung him upside down on one of the steel posts. Back in the ring, Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Lesnar countered and hit the F5, knocking out the ref as well. A second ref came in to make the pin, but Cena kicked out. Lesnar was frustrated and clotheslined the ref.

    Lesnar locked in the Kimura on the stairs. Cena somehow got to his feet and slammed Lesnar back-first onto the steps. Lesnar ran and leaped from the stairs to knock Cena off the apron. He went for it again, but Cena blocked.

    Cena came back and hit the AA onto the steps and won.

    I liked this match more than their first exchange. Lesnar showed that he can still go in the ring, and is willing to try new things. The only thing I disliked was Cena getting the win. I had a bad taste seeing Lesnar lose his first match back.

6. Vs. Kurt Angle and Big Show – Vengeance 2003

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    During his time on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar spent most of his time feuding with Kurt Angle and Big Show. Angle returned in June from surgery and involved himself in the Lesnar and Big Show feud.

    At Vengeance, Show tossed Angle out of the ring and hit Lesnar with a Showstopper within the first couple minutes.

    Angle locked in the Angle Lock, but Big Show broke out. Show hit a leg drop on Angle, which took him out of the picture for a bit.

    Angle came back with two garbage-can lids and hit Show over the head. Angle and Lesnar then took turns hitting Show. They went for a double suplex, but Show reversed it and suplexed them both at the same time. Show then went for a double chokeslam, but Angle and Lesnar countered and chokeslammed Big Show.

    Lesnar hit an F5 on both Angle and Big Show. Lesnar stopped Big Show in the corner and powerbombed him. A bloody Angle hit the Angle Slam on Big Show through the announcer table.

    Angle and Lesnar traded suplexes when Big Show leg dropped Angle. He was able to land a double chokeslam. Angle got up and hit the Angle Slam on Big Show and then Lesnar, who he pinned to win the WWE Championship.

    This was one of the best triple threat matches I’ve seen. Both Angle and Lesnar have speed, while Big Show keeps them grounded with his strength. There were some awesome spots. It also continued the feud between Angle and Lesnar, something not many fans will complain about.

5. Vs. Undertaker – No Mercy 2002

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    The second match in their rivalry pitted these two Superstars inside a Hell in a Cell. Brock Lesnar broke Undertaker’s hand with a propane tank a few weeks before the match.

    At No Mercy, Undertaker wasted little time as he swung his arm into the gut of Lesnar. Lesnar worked on the right arm of Undertaker, but The Deadman got up and used the cast as a weapon.

    They left the ring and Undertaker threw Lesnar into the cell like he was a battering ram. Paul Heyman was up against the cage and was on the receiving end of a couple bumps. Heyman got up and held the arm of Undertaker while Lesnar hit it with a chair.

    Undertaker donned the crimson mask at this point after missing a suicide dive. Undertaker was up for Old School, but Lesnar reversed it. Lesnar then had Undertaker up for the F5, but Undertaker broke out and hit a chokeslam. Lesnar landed some right hands in the corner, but Undertaker caught Lesnar with the Last Ride.

    Undertaker tried ending the match with a Tombstone, but Lesnar flipped over and tossed Undertaker on his shoulders and connected with the F5 to retain the title.

    Of the 25 Hell in a Cell matches, this one is in my top 10, maybe even my top five. Both Superstars, and even Paul Heyman, were bleeding at the end. Lesnar was one of the best heels in WWE at the top and this match solidified it. Undertaker deserves some credit to let the young star defeat him in his signature match.

4. Vs. The Rock – SummerSlam 2002

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    After winning the 2002 King of the Ring, Brock Lesnar was guaranteed a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam.

    The Rock ran down and immediately hit Lesnar with some right hands. Lesnar countered with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He then landed two huge back breakers. Paul Heyman got involved when he kicked The Rock in the gut. Lesnar threw Rock into the ropes and Heyman tripped and choked The Rock while the ref was distracted.

    The Rock made his comeback when he dodged a third shoulder block. He then hit a back suplex. Both men kipped up and stared at each other. Rock hit a couple of clotheslines and a DDT.

    Rock then got his revenge on Heyman with a right hand. Rock didn’t let up as he locked Lesnar in the Sharpshooter. Heyman distracted the ref, which Rock saw. He brought him into the ring and went for a Rock Bottom, but Lesnar stopped him. Later, Rock put Heyman through the announcer table with a Rock Bottom after Lesnar was catapulted into the corner. Rock then hit a Rock Bottom on Lesnar in the ring.

    Lesnar kicked out and landed his own Rock Bottom. Rock went for another Rock Bottom, but Lesnar reversed it into an F5 to win his first WWE Championship.

    The match wasn’t particularly long—less than 20 minutes—but WWE made a star out of the rookie. Rock sold for Lesnar like a pro and made him look strong. Heyman played the pesky manager role perfectly and I give him props for taking a Rock Bottom like that.

3. Vs. Kurt Angle – SummerSlam 2003

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    This match was a month after the triple threat match where Kurt Angle won the WWE title. With both of these stars having amateur wrestling backgrounds, this was going to be a good match.

    In the first few minutes, fans saw a lot of holds and reversals. After getting out-wrestled, Lesnar left the ring to unleash his frustration. Angle followed as the two Superstars battled on the aisle.

    They made it back into the ring, where Lesnar showed off his strength. He lifted Angle over his head with ease. He then hit a couple of back breakers and Shellshock.

    Angle recovered and hit Lesnar with three consecutive German suplexes. Lesnar wasn’t affected as he tossed Angle over his head and landed a vicious spine buster. He then went for the F5, but Angle reversed it into a DDT. Angle kept going with an Angle Slam and an Angle Lock.

    Lesnar broke out, but Angle locked it in again. Mr. McMahon ran down and hit Angle in the back with a chair. Lesnar hit the F5 on one foot. He went for another, but Angle countered and locked him in the Angle Lock to win.

    Compared to the previously mentioned Lesnar matches, more time was spent in the ring and that’s a good thing. These two work so well together and it showed. The exchange of suplexes and false finished were well done. I’ll say more about them in their WrestleMania XIX match.

2. Vs. Eddie Guerrero – No Way Out 2004

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    Eddie Guerrero won a 15-man Royal Rumble-type match to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship at No Way Out.

    Brock Lesnar over-powered Guerrero in the early part of the match. He brutally stomped on Guerrero and tossed him high over his head.

    Guerrero tried to build momentum, but Lesnar would have none of it. He swung Guerrero around and let him go. He then landed three release belly-to-belly suplexes. Lesnar continued on offense with running shoulder blocks. He went for a running knee, but Guerrero ducked and Lesnar was sent crashing to the floor.

    Guerrero took control as he reversed some of Lesnar’s moves and landed a flying head scissors. Guerrero then focused on Lesnar’s legs with some dropkicks to his knees. Guerrero landed another flying head scissors and then the Three Amigos suplexes. Lesnar moved out of the way from Guerrero’s frog splash. He then hit the F5, which knocked out the referee in the process. Goldberg, who received a ticket from Stone Cold, speared Lesnar.

    Guerrero DDT’d Lesnar onto the title, which Lesnar brought into the ring, and hit the frog splash to win. This excellent match went just about 30 minutes.

    I rank this match at No. 2 because it accomplished two things. It cemented Guerrero as a main event guy. Eddie was so emotional after the win and it was well-deserved. It also showed that Lesnar, despite leaving after the next pay-per-view, was a company guy. The veterans helped him on his way in and he helped Guerrero on his way out.

1. Vs. Kurt Angle – WrestleMania XIX

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    Brock Lesnar won the 2003 Royal Rumble, which led to this match. This was the main event of WrestleMania XIX. Not The Rock vs. Stone Cold. Not Triple H vs. Booker T. It was the right move.

    The match began with some mat wrestling, but neither man was able to gain the upper hand.

    Lesnar matched Angle’s speed with his strength, thunderous clotheslines and shoulder blocks.

    Angle took his turn on offense with many variations of the suplex. Lesnar came back and wore down Angle by driving his shoulder into his gut.

    Both men reversed their opponent and connected with their finishers. Lesnar climbed to the top, something we haven’t seen, and attempted a Shooting Star Press. Lesnar was about a foot short. He lifted Angle up and hit the F5 to win.

    Despite the botched Shooting Star Press, this was an excellent match. Lesnar’s excellent rookie year continued with a win in the main event of WrestleMania. If paired with the right Superstar, Lesnar can put on exciting matches. Maybe it’s Kurt Angle, I’m not sure. However, these two put on some great matches in 2003. One of the best rivalries during the “Ruthless Aggression Era.”

    Regardless, with Lesnar signed with WWE for another two years, we should see some great matches from the Next Big Thing.