The Masters Of Manipulation

Steven J. WardContributor IApril 13, 2009

NORTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 1:  Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods watch Mickelson's drive from the 18th tee box during the second round of Deutsche Bank Championship, the second event of the new PGA TOUR Playoffs for the FedExCup at TPC Boston on September 1, 2007 in Norton, Massachusetts.  (Photo by J. Rogash/Getty Images)

Easter Morning: After just hanging up the phone with my grandson, I sat back in my recliner and reflected on our conversation. He is only nine and an avid Red Sox fan as well as a charter member of "Red Sox Nation".

He's quite animated and intelligent, so it is easy to get involved in conversations well beyond his age appropriate parameter. The conversation was in regards to why some ballplayers seem to acquire merely by their name a great deal more attention than others without reason or circumstance. 

My mind jumped a bit to the Masters telecast of Saturday afternoon and how ridiculous the coverage had been that day. Tiger Woods, every-ones all everything, was followed around the course despite being perhaps seven or eight strokes in arrears with his personal camera crew (or so it appeared) while the round three leaders seemed only to get obligatory coverage.

I give Woods all the credit he deserves, and I am aware of just what he has done and continues to do for the sport, but there are a hundred other men out there plugging away at any given time who deserve the respect of live camera coverage. I would be willing to wager that the words Tiger Woods (in proper form) are used at least 50 percent more than the combined usage of the entire field at any golf tournament past or present. It is indeed very often a gag-able offense!

Sunday afternoon 1:00 (cst) I tuned in to the Masters, yet initially paid more attention to the Red Wings Vs. Blackhawks game, but upon its end switched full time back to golf.

The image was of Phil and Tiger walking a fairway together and the camera stayed with these two until the hole was finished. As CBS prepared to break to commercial only then did I see the leader-board where Perry was still atop. In any event, the remainder of the match and until Mickelson and Woods finished their 18, the coverage was predominantly dedicated theirs. Yes the two played exciting golf,  but neither one gained the lead. Still one would have thought Phil and Tiger where in a playoff and the only two on the course.

The truth is sports is merely a reflection or extension of society when it comes to a favorite child. They are in the eye of the camera constantly; nurtured and shoved down throats worldwide until there is a universal day of gaging.

Alex Rodriguez, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Mickelson, Woods etc... Good or bad, right or wrong at any cost society is dictated their hero's.

Remember the lesser ones and everything will proceed nicely because the ones in this category are quite used to it and have accepted their role. The Tiger Woods of the world—their wealth and power will never have it otherwise. The networks find their golden ones and buff them to their most brilliant shine for all to see.

Personally though they make my head hurt.