Iron Sheik: Ric Flair, Mean Gene, Honky Tonk, Hacksaw Jim Duggan All the Real

Iron SheikSpecial Guest ColumnistMarch 5, 2013

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Raw decided to kick it old school on Monday night.

As part of the celebration leading up to WrestleMania 29, WWE decided to bring back several wrestling stars of the past. 

And as usual, the Iron Sheik had plenty to say on the superstars of yesteryear. 

The following is by the Iron Sheik, as told to Bleacher Report. Several terms have been changed to make the interview suitable for posting.


Monday Night Raw say they do old-school show. Show of the legend.

But WWE legend show not the legend show without the legend.

Rock, Punk, John Cena…they are good for their times. Like the Bruno Sammartino, Killer Kowalski, Iron Sheik were for the older time.

The young generation, they remember the Sheikie Baby and they help show new fans of the WWE about the old-time wrestling.

I respect the CM Punk. He respect the legend, Iron Sheik.

I love the Chris Jericho, but if he ---- with me, I break his back, make him humble. Still, he from the Alberta, home of Hart family, so I love them and respect them.

I respect the Randy Orton also. He come from the wrestling background, his father and grandfather. He knows the business because father Mr. Bob Orton, Sr. and Jr. teach him to be the great performer.

The Iron Sheik then spoke on some of the "old-school" wrestlers featured on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw: 

Ric Flair

The Ric Flair I am his teacher from the Minnesota. We work together. He great performer, he great talker. Shooting-wise I beat the ---- out of him with one finger, but we break in the business together and he respect the legend and the legend respect the Ric Flair. He my brother for life, Bubba.


Mae Young

I love the Mae Young, but still I never ever have the sex with her. She one of the boys, and she know who Iron Sheik is, and she is great lady. 


Honky Tonk Man 

Honky Tonky another good man. He performer more than wrestler. He play the guitar for real, not like that ---------- no good SOB the Hulk Hogan. Honky respect the legend. He deserve to be Hall of Fame. I be happy for him one day. ---- the Ultimate Warrior. 


Sgt. Slaughter

My best match draw me lot of money and make me world famous is the boot-camp match with the Sergeant Slaughter. He was hottest thing in the wrestling, and when Iron Sheik come we make the world news. He always be my friend, and if I want I can beat the ---- out of him, but still I love him forever. 


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

---- the Ted DiBiase. He not millionaire. Still I love him for being best worker.


Dusty Rhodes

 Dusty Rhodes play good-man gimmick. He party with me long, long time in the Florida. He know the Andre was piece of garbage, and he know that Iron Sheik the legend forever. I respect the Dusty. He intelligent for the business. 


Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The Hacksaw and I make the world news because we party too much. I don’t care too much about him, and he say the “USA! USA!” but now Iron Sheik say the “USA! USA!” and forever I be more important than him. 

New Age Outlaws

I like the new gimmick. New generation. They are like the Nikolai and Iron Sheik. They respect the legend. The “Bullet” Bob Armstrong family love Sheikie Baby. They know I the real.


Mean Gene Okerlund

Gene Mean. He come to my wedding. He always make the Sheikie Baby look #1 on the promo. He know the camera zoom…it make the legend the real. Forever nobody better than the Gene Mean. I love him forever.


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