WWE Draft: Which Superstars Will Change Brands?

Stuart RyanContributor IApril 13, 2009

Hey to all in the B/R wresting section. This is my first article here on Bleacher Report, so feel free to burn me on any mistakes I make.

Tonight is a WWE extravaganza with the annual WWE Draft taking place on Raw.

I remember the first ever draft in 2002, with Vince McMahon drafting for Smackdown and Ric Flair drafting for Raw. Good times.

The big stars were expected to be drafted back then, so there was no real surprise. Now, we have the random selection draft, which brings a sense of anticipation and surprise to the mix.

Here are my selections for the draft:



Triple H—A pretty obvious choice. Everyone knew his time on Smackdown was not going to last. Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov were his competition for months on end and it became boring to watch.

I was hoping for a feud with Undertaker, but that never happened.

Also, the whole McMahon/Legacy feud involves Trips, so I expect a return to his old stomping ground for The King of Kings.

Matt Hardy—Rumour has it that the Hardys are going to be split up, and with Matt proving he is the bigger star at both WrestleMania and on Smackdown, a move to the "A" show would do nothing but good for Matt Hardy.

Perhaps a world title run is in order?

Evan Bourne—This kid is destined to be the U.S. or Intercontinental Champion of the future. Dazzling to watch, Bourne could give the Raw mid-card some new hope.

MVP—This move might not take place until the supplemental draft, but it will happen.

MVP needs a change of scenery and Raw is a good place to start. The U.S. Title will be coming to Raw with him.

John Morrison—We know how well this kid can do in singles action, so why won't WWE give him the chance he needs?

Now is the time to let Morrison and Miz shine separately by sending Morrison to Raw and keeping Miz on ECW, with only the occasional partnership.

Maryse—I heard that the Women's and Diva's titles are going to be switching brands, but I don't really care for Maryse.

The Big Show—The Largest athlete in sports entertainment will be joining his lover (excuse me while I throw up) on Raw, where it is fair to say he could become a dominant force.



Rey Mysterio—The Ultimate Underdog will be making his return to his home, with the Intercontinental Title in tow. I can see an interesting feud being made between Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin.

C.M. Punk—Mr. Money in the Bank is coming to the Friday night show, and in my opinion, this is a good move for Punk.

He would do very well on Smackdown and could get a better world title run, including a feud with John Cena.

John Cena—When one world title leaves a brand, another has to replace it. The Chain Gang Commander will be returning to the brand that made him who he is today.

There are good possibilities for feuds: C.M. Punk? Jeff Hardy? Undertaker?

Christian—As much as I would love to see Christian reunite with Edge, McMahon's dislike for Christian could see him rotting in ECW for sometime.

If he does move, it will be in the supplemental draft.

Jack Swagger—McMahon loves this guy, and so do I. The only problem is, his lackluster performance at No Way Out cost him big time.

As much as I would like to see Swagger go to either Smackdown or Raw, I think McMahon will make the safe choice to keep him on ECW for a year so he can be a dominant champion and improve.

I do hope, however, that he goes to Smackdown.

Melina—My favorite Diva will be returning to Smackdown, which I hope not to see.

But, with the Diva Championships rumored to be switching brands, the Women's Title will go to Smackdown.



Although it is very unlikely, I think E-C-Dub could benefit the most from the draft, if the correct moves are made.

The Great Khali—Khali would do well on ECW. He could dominate as champion and would provide some good competition.

Kozlov—McMahon wants to shove this Russian down our throats, but it's not workin' on me.

ECW is the place for Kozlov. Give him a year long run there, and I may like him afterward.

Mr. Kennedy—This guy is destined to be a world champ, but I think he should go to ECW for now.

He needs to get a bit of a warm-up when he returns from injury, so going to ECW will do Kennedy some good.


Thanks for the read

-Stuart "The New Boy" Ryan



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