Angels Fans Exhibit the Worst Side of Los Angeles

Myke FurhmanCorrespondent IApril 7, 2017

The Red Sox are leaving town, and it's become apparent that the Mouse has left the building as well.

And he's not coming back any time soon.

And even on a weekend where the baseball world mourned the Angels' loss of 22-year-old pitcher Nick Adenhart, fans wearing red and white still managed to bring the national image of the Los Angeles baseball fan down the I-5 into Anaheim.

The Adenhart memorial, which stood between the helmets outside the home-plate gate, was surrounded by mourning fans.  Some older still sporting their old California Angels hats, some families with children, even Sox fans paying their respects to baseball's most recent fallen. 

But away from the memorial was a different scene.

And on Easter Sunday, no less.

Sure, it could have been the fact that Anaheim hasn't been able to win a single playoff game against Boston in recent memory.  Perhaps the bitterness and hatred for the Celtics translates into a loathing for all teams Boston.  After all, LA truly is an NBA town first and foremost.

But for once, it wasn't the instigation of the Boston faithful that had the Angels truly earn the title of "Los Angeles."

From the "Buck Foston" t-shirts to the fighting in the stands, there's a new-age Anaheim fan who isn't about a family day at the ball park.  They go for the drinks, despite the no-tailgating rule in the parking lot.  They go for the heckling, despite the Angels' organizations image of being family-oriented like their previous Disney ownership. 

And more so than anything else, they go to hate on Boston.  In fact, a Boston fan is almost as welcome in Anaheim as they are in the Bronx.

Now, this is not to say the baseball purist doesn't exist in Anaheim.  In fact, those who remember the "CA" days, cheering for Reggie and loving him in "The Naked Gun".  And there is the family, out for a nice time at the ballpark.  And of course, there's a few scattered Dodgers fans too, just looking for a quick poke of fun at their AL counterpart.

On the opposite side of the coin, oh yes, Boston "fans" can be the worst.  First and foremost, the bandwagon fan who doesn't remember when Jason Varitek was second to Scott Hatteberg.  They couldn't tell you who "Nomah" was nor could they spell his last name.  And of course, there's the cute girl with the annoying accent, who came to the park to show off her high socks and pink "Red Sox" jersey.

So obviously some Sox "fans" get what they deserve, that they travel strong filling the stands with a wicked annoying accent and swagger that's given them the nickname of "Massholes."

But that just comes from their being the best travelling fans in all of sports.  After all, there's a Red Sox Nation West chapter, but you won't find the Los Angeles Angels of Worcester fan club back in Mass. 

For there is a Sox fan people have forgotten... the sad, pitiful Sox who couldn't win a championship for 86 years.  Sox fans who enjoyed Mo and the Rocket before they moved on to bigger markets and bigger muscles. 

The REAL Red Sox fan.  The Bostonian no longer welcome in Anaheim, California.

Some say that they don't go see the Los Angeles Dodgers simply because of the fans—who are there to watch the fights and if they're lucky, a baseball game will break out.  I hope the Mouse comes home, because soon enough, the same will go for the Orange County Angels, who only a few years ago appropriately gave themselves the distinction of being from "Los Angeles".

And while the team doesn't play there nor is it anymore their home, the fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are quickly embracing the demeanor of their northern neighbors.