ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Is Not a Fan of Hockey, Ties or Opinions That Make Sense

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Stephen A. Smith was back delivering opinions, delivered in the key of shouting. Only this time, his argument was a tad outdated. 

Awful Announcing spotted this recent video featuring one of ESPN's shouting heads delivering his thoughts on sports. Nothing out of the ordinary, because rants and passionate pleas concerning athletic minutiae are rather commonplace. 

Smith tears this "hockey stuff" to pieces as he debates whether the Miami Heat or the Chicago Blackhawks streak is more impressive. 

As noted, the Blackhawks are cruising at the moment, opening the season with 41 points (19 wins and 3 overtime losses). The Miami Heat, for their part, are 43-14 on the season and have won 14 straight games. 

So, it makes perfect sense the good people at ESPN would try to make two great streaks as polarizing as possible. The only thing about Smith's argument against this hockey thingy is that the NHL hasn't used ties since April 4, 2004

If you are going to get on your high horse and gallop around, you might want to make sure you aren't stepping in some messy stuff along the way. 

Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing makes a great point that, at the heart, these are two entirely different things; this is a win streak versus a remarkable point streak in hockey. 

This debate debacle is precisely what you get when you have a personality forced to offer up passionate arguments about sports he doesn't cover. 

According to Smith, the biggest reason this hockey guff isn't as impressive as the fine Heat record is because of ties, which have been obsolete in the NHL for almost a decade. 

However, Smith was very loud when he argued his point, so I am just going to take it as valid. 

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